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Pork and Plants. It’s an interesting name for a company. In fact, Pork and Plants is interesting in a lot of ways — from selling half and whole hogs to be­ing a connoisseur of Red Wattle pork to raising poinsettias to burning biomass pellets for heating its 50,000 square feet of greenhouse space....
If you are looking for something to do next Saturday, we highly recommend that you take time for the Minnesota Renewable Energy Tour. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., and, while self-guided, gives attendees a chance to talk with the people behind renewable energy projects. Three sites are...
Government agencies and “pacesetter” companies are leveraging the skills of “citizen developers” to bridge skills gaps in their workforce, according to a recent IBM survey, adding to the mounting evidence of crowdsourcing’s traction in the enterprise. Gartner defines...
The solar industry is taking root around the state, and University of Minnesota students are contributing. This summer, a team of University graduate students created a web application to explore viable places for solar panels across the state, a technology that some say could receive wide usage...
When researchers for U-Spatial create highly detailed maps on Minnesota’s solar energy potential, they depend on state-provided open data. “If [the data] wasn’t open data, there’d be no easy way we could acquire that,” said Len Kne, associate director of the University of Minnesota program....
Bethel Evangelical Lutheran and Minnesota Community Solar came together earlier this year to promote a solar garden that will sit atop the roof of the Minneapolis church. Without a panel yet installed, the 40-kilowatt (kW) solar garden attracted enough support from the church’s members and...
If you’re confused by or curious about the options available for community solar gardens, then the Clean Energy Resources Team in southeast Minnesota hopes to answer all your questions. “We’ll tour the solar projects at the college, then we’ll have three speakers who will...
By Joe Froemming on Aug 16, 2014 at 4:09 p.m. BEMIDJI — Many companies say they want to make a push toward better environmental policies for their business. But for Harmony Co-Op in Bemidji, those practices are right in the company’s mission statement. The co-op unveiled its...
Like many other American cities, Minneapolis hopes to continue cutting its greenhouse gas emissions over the next few years — and increasing solar PV capacity is a key part of reaching that goal. But financial incentives aren’t always enough to get local residents moving. So the city decided to...
Lakeland News speaks with the Harmony Co-op about their new solar awning system, funded in part through a NW CERT seed grant award.



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