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CERTs 2011

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 11:00am–8:00pm


11am-12pm – Registration

12-1pm – Luncheon and Networking Time

1:00-5:00pm – Concurrent In-Depth Workshops (Break 3:00-3:30pm)

Utility Programs, Projects & Partnerships

This workshop covered four interesting case studies from utilities and their partners in Minnesota that range from behavior change pilots to outcome-based incentives, and featured moderated dialogue about ideas and strategies to meet CIP goals in the years ahead.

Download 3:16, 90Mb mp3

  • Moderated by Terry Webster, Office of Energy Security

  • Jack Hogin, Minnesota Environmental Initiative – Overview of 1.5 percent Workgroup Meetings that his organization has been convening. Now that Minnesota utilities are required to achieve annual energy savings equal to 1.5 percent of annual retail energy sales of electricity and natural gas, the working group has been convened to identify solutions to the challenges of accounting energy savings that are occurring separate from utility programs and identify ways of improving the quantification of savings from low-income and behavioral programs. Presentation >>

  • Roger Warehime, Owatonna Public Utilities; Matt McCaffree, OPOWER – Joint efforts to curb energy use with on-bill benchmarking for residents

  • Sonja Bogart, Wright-Hennepin Cooperative Electric Association and Scott Revening, MyMeter – Talk about a similar program they’re running with the same goal of meeting energy-efficiency goals through customer engagement. Presentation >>

  • Karen Mann with Schools for Energy Efficiency and Jeff Larson with Minnesota Energy Resources will present their outcome-based utility incentive pilot program being implemented in the Crosby-Ironton School District. In this program, utility incentives are paid on a dollars-per-therm-saved basis (or per-kWh-saved basis with Minnesota Power) as measured through billing data—rather than a per-measure basis. Presentation >>

  • Carl Nelson, Center for Energy & Environment; Mike Hoy, Dakota Electric (Presentation >>); Todd Berreman, CenterPoint Energy (Presentation >>); Diana McKeown, Metro CERT – Discuss various aspects of their programs, including the use of motivational community meetings to drive participation, leveraging neighborhood groups, direct install measures in conjunction with audits, and using audits to drive customers toward other utility programs for more expensive improvements.

  • Jeff Haase, Office of Energy Security – Moderate a conversation about looking toward 2012 and beyond, drawing on the experiences, ideas and strategies that those in the room have used to meet CIP goals. Potential topics include phasing in and phasing out incentives and why, cross-territorial partnership opportunities, and partnering with other entities to meet CIP goals. Presentation >>

Community Capacity Building for Clean Energy Action

Have you been wondering how to jump-start action in your community on clean energy and energy efficiency? Look no further! This workshop presented strategies from leaders in workplace, university, business, and civic perspectives who have been building capacity in their communities. These case studies offer a real sense for what is working in other communities and introduce you to people you can talk to as you work to move your community to take action.

Download 3:12, 88Mb mp3

  • Moderated by Joel Haskard, CERTs – Opening conversation of community projects and sharing resources

  • Diane Dingfelder, Winona State University – Winona State’s Energy Resource Advisor Training, which starts again in March, 2011. Presentation >>

  • Laura Millberg, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – Work on employee engagement and train-the-trainer. Presentation >>

  • Pam Bishop, Southern Minnesota Initiative Foundation – Asset-based mapping. Presentation >>

  • Rebecca Spengler – Energy Efficient Ely. Presentation >>

  • David Bahr – Bemidji Grass Roots Energy Network; and Erika Bailey-Johnson – Bemidji State University. Presentation >>

Energy-Saving Steps for Your Business or Organization

This workshop provided practical information to help attendees identify energy-saving opportunities, connected people to financial incentives to help pay for energy efficiency improvements, and give them the tools needed to conduct long-term energy planning and benchmarking. A panel of business leaders discussed their energy-saving initiatives and processes, project challenges, and the savings they’ve achieved.

Download 2:59, 83Mb mp3

  • Jill Curran, Energy Smart – Opportunities About: No- and low-cost through high-ticket upgrade opportunities; Will outline several success stories of businesses that Energy Smart has assisted. Presentation >>

  • Jill Curran, Energy Smart – Making the Financial Case and Finding the Money: Will highlight types of incentives that may be available including utility rebates, federal tax credits, local government grants and how organizations can best be prepared to pursue them; Will also make the case for why saving energy boosts the bottom line and will highlight some return on investment information for various types of upgrades.

  • Chelsey Johnson, Energy Smart – Generating and Tracking Long-term Success: Will discuss the value and process by which organizations can track and analyze their energy consumption; Will discuss reading and interpreting energy bills, putting together a utility bill analysis and how this data can be used to benchmark energy-savings potential; A utility bill analysis and Energy Star building rating how-to demonstration will be conducted.

  • Kelly Spors, Energy Smart – Moderating a Business Leaders Panel: Leaders that have taken on ambitious energy-saving initiatives will discuss their initiatives, the savings they’ve achieved, their project challenges, and how they overcame them.
    • Tony Magnotta, Minnesota Abstract and Title, Capitol Lien Records and Research
    • Jason Bernick, Bernick’s Beverages & Vending Presentation >>
    • Steve Brehm, Berry Coffee Co. Presentation >>
    • Joe Ohman, Creative Memories Presentation >>

Creating a Clean Energy School

Saving energy and producing clean energy at your school is an exciting and challenging endeavor! This workshop began by discussing top-down approaches to creating a clean energy school, like understanding building energy use, the importance of benchmarking, and good projects to take on. It then takes a close look at how one school, Aitkin High School, is working from the bottom up as we hear from teachers, administration, and students alike about their efforts. The workshop finishes by meeting in the middle to talk about how to pull together a dream green team that can work on your clean energy school!

Download 2:39, 73Mb mp3

  • Moderator Patrick Santelli, Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon – Introduction: Will discuss top-down and bottom-up approaches to creating clean energy schools.

  • Meghan Pendray, Environmental Resources Management (ERM) – Top-down Approach: Where do school buildings use energy? Presentation >>

  • Katie Jones, CERTs GreenCorps Member – Top-down Approach: B3 and Benchmarking. Presentation >>

  • Kim Pederson, Otter Tail Power Company – Top-down Approach: Building Efficiency and Renewable Energy

  • Ruth Reeves and Pam Brand, Aitkin High School – Bottom-up Approach: A Teacher’s Perspective

  • Leah Thurner, Aitkin High School – Bottom-up Approach: A Student’s Perspective. Presentation >>

  • Abby Fenton, Will Steger Foundation – Bottom-up Approach: The “Ideal” Green Team, a facilitated discussion. Presentation >>

Becoming a GreenStep City

The goal of this workshop was to help cities understand the mechanics of the GreenStep Cities Program, hear stories and examples from cities who are already participating, and learn about other ways to engage your community and its many resources to help your city achieve its goals.

Download 2:26, 63Mb mp3

  • Philipp Muessig, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency – GreenStep Cities 101 Presentation >>

  • Panel Discussion: Findings and Perspectives from Cities on integrating GreenStep with existing efforts, up-front work to get your City to sign a resolution, and the mechanics of “reporting in” on your achievements.
    • Amir Nadav, Energy and Environment Advisory Commission, City of Eagan
    • Matt Glaesman, Sustainability Commission, City of St. Cloud
    • Bob McLean, Hunt Utilities Group in Pine River
    • Andrea Lauer, Mayor of Royalton
  • Lissa Pawlisch, CERTs and Philipp Muessig, MPCA – Panel Recap and Preview of Evaluation Discussion

  • Discussion – Gathering YOUR Feedback: Measuring the Impact of GreenStep Cities and the Best Practice Actions

  • Small Group Discussions – How to Leverage Community Assets

5:00-8:00pm – Reception and Clean + Green Film Festival




Thursday, February 3rd, 9:00am-5:00pm


8-9am – Registration, Light Breakfast & Exhibit Hall Time

9:00-10:30am – Welcome & Keynote Addresses

  • Conference Kick-offLissa Pawlisch and Diana McKeown, CERTs
  • Welcoming RemarksDave Kleis, Mayor of St. Cloud
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Our Clean Energy FutureDr. Jim Bensen, President Emeritus, Bemidji State University – Presentation >>
  • Engaging the Public for Energy ConservationDr. Christie Manning, Macalester College
    Presentation >> | The Psychology of Sustainable Behavior >>

Download 1:36, 46Mb mp3

11:00am-12:00pm – Morning Breakout Sessions

  • Leaders in Energy Efficiency & Clean Energy
    Local Governments Track

Download 0:51, 24Mb mp3

  • Funding Energy Projects at Schools
    Schools and Youth Track

Download 0:59, 28Mb mp3

  • What You Can Do to Save Energy in Your Home
    Residents and Community Groups Track
    • Moderator: Carl Samuelson, Metro CERT
    • Terry Webster and Joe Plummer, Office of Energy Security – Presentation >>

Download 0:57, 27Mb mp3

  • Energy Entrepreneurs in Minnesota
    Minnesota Businesses Track

Download 0:56, 27Mb mp3

  • Emerging Trends in Biomass Energy
    Minnesota Energy Industry Trends Track

Download 1:00, 28Mb mp3

12:00-1:30pm – Lunch, Networking & Exhibit Hall Time

  • Recognizing CERTs Participants: Joel Haskard, Julia Eagles, Jeff Vetsch with CERTs – Presentation >>
  • CERTs 2011 Local Food StoryPresentation >>

Download 0:10, 5Mb mp3

1:30-2:30pm – Post-Lunch Breakout Sessions

  • Energy Project Financing and Local Governments
    Local Governments Track
    • Moderator: Jeremy de Fiebre, Office of Energy Security
    • Mark Hancock, Center for Energy and Environment – Public Building Enhanced Energy Efficiency Program (PBEEEP) – Presentation >>
    • Lynn Hinkle, Minnesota Solar Energy Industry Association – Property-Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) and its promise for the commercial sector – Presentation >>

Download 0:57, 27Mb mp3

  • Building Successful School and Community Partnerships
    Schools and Youth Track
    • Moderator: Anne Dybsetter, Prairie Woods Environmental Learning Center – Presentation >>
    • Tami Bennett-Tait, Atwater-Cosmos-Grove City School
    • Shelli-Kae Foster, Alexandria District Sustainability Coordinator
    • Jessie Lee and Alisha Engelbrekt, New London-Spicer Middle School – Presentation >>

Download 0:52, 25Mb mp3

  • Solar Energy for Your Home and Community
    Residents and Community Groups Track
    • Moderator & Introduction: Stacy Miller, Office of Energy Security
    • Jason Edens, Rural Renewable Energy Alliance – Solar Air Heat – Presentation >>
    • Kurt Koegel, SolarSkies – Solar Hot Water – Presentation >>
    • Rebecca Lundberg, PowerfullyGreen – Solar Photovoltaic (PV)

Download 0:50, 24Mb mp3

  • Low-Cost & No-Cost Energy Saving Strategies
    Minnesota Businesses Track
    • Moderator: Diana McKeown, Metro CERT
    • Nancy Kelly, Eureka Recycling – Presentation for all >>
    • Amy Fields and Treshy Schaper, East Side Coop
    • Ted Lowell, Acadia Cafe

Download 0:57, 27Mb mp3

  • Workforce Training to Meet Energy Industry Demands
    Minnesota Energy Industry Trends Track
    • Oriane Casale, Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development – Labor Market Information and energy jobs in Minnesota
    • Michelle Gransee-Bowman, Office of Energy Security – Overview of accredited energy-efficiency and clean-energy training programs in the state – Presentation for both >>

Download 0:57, 27Mb mp3

3:00-4:00pm – Afternoon Breakout Sessions

  • Effective Strategies for Leveraging Community Support
    Local Governments Track
    • Moderator: Joel Haskard, CERTs
    • Dan Frank and Quinn Swanson, Pine River Healthy Green Community Program – Presentation >>

Download 0:51, 24Mb mp3

  • Innovative Project Case Studies at Schools
    Schools and Youth Track
    • Moderator: Patrick Santelli, Minnesota Schools Cutting Carbon
    • Veda Kanitz with students, Rosemount High School Team – Presentation >>
    • Kristi Moberg with students, Ortonville High School Team – Presentation >>
    • Chelsey Shoup, Robert Bauer, and Andy Pearson, University of Minnesota Active Energy Club – Presentation >>

Download 0:56, 26Mb mp3

Download 0:55, 26Mb mp3

  • Ways to Save Energy on the Farm
    Minnesota Businesses Track
    • Moderator: Jake Fischer, The Minnesota Project
    • Dave Warrington, Alliant Energy – Presentation >>
    • Stan Simon, S.L. Simon Engineering – Presentation >>

Download 1:00, 29Mb mp3

  • The Wind Energy Industry Today in Minnesota
    Minnesota Energy Industry Trends Track
    • Cheryl Glaeser, Southwest Initiative Foundation – Presentation >>
    • Dan Juhl, Juhl Wind, Inc. and Next Generations Power Systems

Download 0:54, 26Mb mp3

4:00-5:00pm – Networking, Exhibit Hall Time & Raffle

CERTs 2011 Photos

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