Are you pumped up?

Achieving widespread installations of cold climate air source heat pumps

February 25, 2020 | 1-4:30pm

350 Harbor Dr, Duluth MN 55802

Clean Energy Resource Teams
Event Description


This half-day session devoted to air source heat pumps (ASHPs) starts with the latest findings on design optimization, quality installation, and integration with existing systems. The next presentation covers customer engagement about ASHPs. Then, the session reveals a plan for super-charging the cold-climate ASHP market and ensuring good customer experiences in Minnesota, along with how to be a part of it. The next presentation shares real-world examples of multifamily and new construction ASHP installations to dig into the design details. Finally, a moderated panel of contractors already in the business of installing ASHPs further provides real-world insights.



1:00: Welcome & Overview

1:05: Keeping up with the trends: the latest in ASHP technology

  • Speaker: Alex Haynor, CEE

  • Description: Over 40% of Midwest homes use delivered fuels or electricity as their primary heat source. Research consistently suggests that cold-climate air source heat pumps (ccASHPs) are ideal for these homes. This presentation covers the latest results, lessons learned, and experiences drawn from the last five years of detailed monitoring of installed pumps, as well as quality installation, design optimization, and how to best integrate ASHPs into Minnesota homes.

1:55: Priming the Pump on the ccASHP Market

  • Speaker: Isaac Smith, CEE

  • Description: Cold-climate air source heat pumps present a huge opportunity for Minnesota to save both energy and money while also reducing carbon emissions. However, this technology needs additional support to gain market adoption equal to traditional systems In this presentation, we discuss a new effort, launching in 2020, to supercharge the ASHP market in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

2:30: Break

3:00: Getting customers warmed up to heating and cooling with ccASHPs

  • Speaker: Alexis Troschinetz, CERTs

  • Description: Customer education is half the battle anytime an emerging technology like ccASHPs enters the market. Customers have a lot of questions - and rightfully so! A two-age educational guide has been developed to help contractors and utilities to answer these questions and clear up points of confusion. Attendees are free to use the guide in their work.

3:15: Stepping into the real world: How do heat pumps work for our customers?

  • Speaker: Phil Anderson, CEE

  • Description: We talk a lot about ASHP research, but what are the actual contractor and customer experiences of ASHPs? This presentation will highlight a few examples from the real world, from multifamily installs to new construction. We’ll also dig into more specific topics such as ASHP performance metrics, applications of variable heating and cooling, and common issues in design and sizing, as well as ways to overcome market and technical barriers to installation.

3:50: First-hand insights: A contractor panel on ASHPs

  • Moderator: Joel Haskard, CERTs

  • Description: Sometimes “hearing it like it is” from your peers is the best way to learn about an emerging technology. This panel of contractor perspectives on ccASHP selection, installation, and maintenance will add another layer of understanding to this work. Questions and comments from the audience will be highly encouraged.

4:25: Wrap-up

$45 (students), $135 (others)