Associate Project Manager for Solar Development

OneEnergy Renewables
Organization Summary

We are a solar energy developer, owner, and operator. OneEnergy delivers high quality solar sites across diverse US solar energy markets. Our passion for solar power generation and energy storage projects drive us to excel each day. We are on a journey to make solar energy the number one electricity choice for consumers and utilities. Come join us as we deliver exciting clean energy projects ranging from 1MW to 100MW across the United States!

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Location in MN
Job type

Depends on experience. 


Full Time Salaried

Primary Duties

OneEnergy Renewables is seeking an Associate Project Manager (APM). We develop solar sites where the energy market dynamics, grid interconnection rules, and land permitting requirements are often unknown or are in flux. This role is important to help us navigate the through the unchartered territory. This entry-level role is primarily comprised of proactive communication and working in lockstep with a multidisciplinary team. The APM’s contributions are important to ensure our projects meet quality standards, schedule requirements, and budgets. This role manages schedules, arranges assignments, and communicates progress to all team members all with an eye on the goal for making clean energy more accessible.

  • Solid organization and time-management skills.
  • 1-3+ years of experience working in a professional environment.
  • Experience in PC computer skills and familiarity with MS Office and Windows.
  • Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
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