Battery-Based PV System Design (PV 230.05)

This course covers battery-based PV system components.

November 4-24, 2019

Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Event Description

This self-paced, online course uses a combination of recorded presentations, resources, assignments, quizzes, and live webinars to cover battery-based PV system components, from modules and array configurations to batteries, charge controllers, and inverters.

Participants will review design principles for sizing battery-based PV systems, beginning with a thorough analysis of daily loads. Based on those load requirements, choices for system voltage and amp-hour capacity of the battery bank will be discussed and determined. Finally, participants will select appropriate system components and configure them to complete the stand-alone PV system.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Calculate daily loads to be served by battery-based PV system
  • Recognize surge currents of loads
  • Size battery bank to meet daily loads, days of autonomy, and depth of discharge
  • Determine system voltage and battery bank amp-hour capacity requirements
  • Identify available battery options and select appropriate batteries for a PV system
  • Recognize containment and ventilation requirements for batteries in a PV system
  • Calculate the solar resource for the site
  • Size the PV array required to keep the battery bank healthy
  • Identify PV module options
  • Select PV modules to build array
  • Identify available charge controller options
  • Select appropriate charge controller for a battery-based PV system
  • Identify available inverter options
  • Select appropriate inverter for a battery-based PV system