New LED lighting a big win for Edina boutique clothing store


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Arafina gets new LED lights!

High electricity costs and environmental concerns inspired local designer boutique Arafina to pursue their lighting upgrade with the Center for Energy and Environment’s One-Stop Efficiency Shop. Their new LED lights are a “win-win-win-win”!

“We were pouring heat and light down from eighty-three 90 watt halogen lamps sufficiently to have to run the air conditioning even in the winter,” explains co-owner Stuart Ackman. After a visit from CEE lighting auditor Mike Holder revealed that they could pay back the cost of the upgrade in a year, the store worked with lighting consultants Voss Lighting and Shuler Shook to replace their halogen lamps with high-efficiency light emitting diodes (LEDs).

The new LED lighting not only halved Arafina’s electricity costs, but makes the store a more pleasant place to work and shop. “We have an open ceiling system, and while the air handlers are in the back of the store, they make quite a racket,” says Ackman. “Now the clothing is more beautifully lit, the store environment is much better, and we don’t have the AC running nearly so much.” The benefits go beyond the store as well – “It’s a win-win-win-win,” Ackman noted. On top of the financial and cosmetic benefits, he said they were also motivated by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and helping Xcel Energy work towards their conservation goals.

“Anytime there is a quadruple win there is no question on the need to act.”

So, what would Ackman say to a small business owner considering a lighting retrofit? “Do it now!!!”

Neely provides community education, organizing and outreach for CEE’s residential energy programs, including the Minnesota Energy Challenge and Community Energy Services. See this story on CEE’s website.

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