City Facilities Manager

City of Edina
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$89,509.00 - $111,887.00 Annually

Primary Duties
The City Facilities Manager is responsible for planning, supervising, organizing and managing the operations and staff of the City Facilities Management Division to ensure quality, efficiency, and effectiveness in the delivery of services. Duties include developing short-and long-term plans to maintain and improve current facilities, preparing for future operational needs and developing budget proposals along with create work plans to maintain all City buildings to establish City standards.
Essential Functions:

City-Wide Facilities Strategy
Works with departments to develop short-term and long-term plans to maintain and improve current facilities and to prepare for future operational needs. Educates others on best practices in the area of building management. 

  • Develop facility condition, maintenance strategy, and performance measures for each facility annually
  • Develop budget proposals
  • Create and manage work plans to maintain all City buildings
  • Create and maintain level of service agreements for each facility
  • Promotes continuous improvement within the division

Management of Capital and Construction Projects

  • Develops requests for proposals, oversees bidding process and manages contracts related to building capital projects. Looks for potential cost savings by combining projects across different departments, and plans for future building space and supply needs

Ensure Sustainable Practices/Meet Sustainability Goals

  • Leads City-wide efforts to improve energy efficiencies in City buildings 
  • Implements pilot projects as appropriate; pursues implementation of next-generation energy reduction and renewable/clean energy technologies

Management of Day-to-day Maintenance

  • Makes and participates in decisions on matters of hiring, transfer, suspension, recall, promotion, discharge, assignment, reward, adjusting grievances or disciplining employees under the span of control
  • Sets goals and objectives for others to work towards and monitors performance
  • Conducts ongoing feedback, coaching, mentoring, and timely formal reviews of performance for assigned employees
  • Plans the work schedule to meet Department demands about effective use of resources/cost effectiveness
  • Encourages employee growth and development by providing or encouraging learning opportunities
  • Assesses staff development needs and directs the provision of staff training
  • Participates in decisions regarding the content of jobs and the number of staff within the functional areas under the span of control
  • Develops and manages operating budget related to these services
  • Leverages the talent and skills of other members when possible to accomplish work goals
  • Maintains records of maintenance activities and uses data to conduct cost-benefit analyses when evaluating service delivery options
  • Manages relationships with vendors and key stakeholder through multi-year projects
  • Using independent judgment provides supervision and leadership to Division personnel under the span of control

Special Services

  • Coordinates assessments for services provided to the 50th & France and Grandview Special Services Districts
  • Performs other duties as required
Minimum Qualifications:
Completion of a bachelor's degree plus seven years of progressively responsible experience in managing construction projects, creating strategic building management plans, utilizing building automation systems, and leading building maintenance.
Desired Qualifications:
  • Bachelor's degree in facilities management, engineering or a related field
  • Three years of supervisory experience
  • Knowledge or experience implementing a Strategic Energy Management approach (ISO 50001) or Environmental Management approach (ISO 14001) or similar program
  • Experience with LEED or SB2030 standards
Supplemental Information:

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required for Successful Job Performance:

  • Ability to make prompt decisions on complex matters and make evaluations concerning day to day operations
  • Ability to have high attention to detail and deadlines
  • Ability to set objectives, delegate, and prioritize workflow
  • Ability to plan, organize, supervise and review the work of subordinate employees
  • Ability to make effective and persuasive speeches and presentations on controversial or complex topics to top management, public groups, and/or City Council
  • Ability to communicate effectively, including ability to persuade and negotiate agreements and respond effectively to controversial issues
How to Apply

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