Codes and Standards Roadmap

January 21, 2021 | 11am-12pm


Minnesota Department of Commerce
Event Description

Energy efficiency programs that support codes and standards (C&S) advancements are amongst the most cost-effective strategies to achieve energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. 2050 Partners (in partnership with SlipstreamMidwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, and LHB) presents this webinar to summarize the findings and recommendations from their CARD-funded Minnesota Codes and Standards Program Roadmap. The Roadmap has two primary objectives: (1) provide the foundation for developing robust Minnesota C&S support programs that contribute to delivering cost-effective energy savings, and (2) recommend pathways for Minnesota utilities to participate in and claim savings from C&S activities.

This project focuses on C&S programs that are run by program administrators, including utilities, within their broader energy efficiency and/or demand-side management portfolios. Program models vary by state and jurisdiction but often include one or more of the following activities:

  • Provide technical support for building energy code advancement (base codes and/or stretch codes),
  • Provide technical support for appliance and equipment standards at the state or national level,
  • Support compliance improvement through training programs and other stakeholder engagement strategies,
  • Conduct “code readiness” data collection efforts to support future C&S rulemakings, and
  • Facilitate stakeholder planning & coordination between stakeholders impacted by C&S rulemakings.

Join us for a webinar to consider the Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) opportunities for developing new C&S programs in Minnesota.


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