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Back by Popular Demand: CERTs and EnergyMisers, LLC VendingMiser Bulk-Buy Program

Join with others across Minnesota to save money on your beverage and snack machines by participating in the CERTs and EnergyMisers, LLC statewide Vending-Miser Bulk-Buy Program!

If you missed out last spring as dozens of small business, schools, local governments, and nonprofits joined forces to buy down the price of VendingMisers—helping them save up to $130 per year on their drink vending machines—now is your chance to jump on board and save big! The more people we can get to take action, the less expensive the units will be for everyone involved!

The average beverage vending machine costs around $300 to power every year. By installing a VendingMiser on your machine, you can potentially reduce your machine’s energy usage by as much as 46% and save up to $130 per year! The average beverage vending machine runs more often than is needed to keep drinks cold and attract customers. A VendingMiser reduces operation and compressor maintenance costs on your machines, all with a potential payback of 16 months or less!

Fill out our order form by midnight on May 2nd to participate!

Don’t have vending machines but want to help us spread the word? There are so many businesses, schools, city buildings, and other locations in your community with vending machines—let them know there are savings to be secured! Download our Campaign Kit, print a few out, and drop them off with decision makers when you stop by places with vending machines!


Media Coverage

Download Program Announcement See the official CERTs Program Announcement, Press Release, and Kick-Off Blog Post for the VendingMiser Program

Listen to clip below from KAUS AM 1480
and watch a feature from Lakeland Public TV,
or read articles from the Pioneer Press and the
Rochester Post-Bulletin.


How much can you save with VendingMisers?

Without a VendingMiser With a
Electricity use per year
Based on 10kWh/day, and a VendingMiser reduction of 45%.
3,650 kWh 2,008 kWh
CO2 emissions per year
Based on MN Data of 1.81 lbs/kWh.
6,607 lbs
(3.03 US Tons)
3,934 lbs
(1.8 US Tons)
Cost of VendingMiser
Without including utility rebate. See Buyer’s Guide for more information on pricing.
Cost over 52 weeks
Based on $0.08/kWh.
$292/year $161/year
Savings per year
Energy cost without VendingMiser minus energy cost with VendingMiser
$0 savings/year $131 savings/year
Cost of installation
Installation labor is minimal; it takes 5-10 minutes to install a VendingMiser—no technical knowledge necessary.
(low cost)
Not including installation costs; cost of VendingMiser/savings per year. Your payback period will be even shorter if your electricity costs are higher and if your utility offers you a rebate.
16.3 months

* A Note on VendingMiser Cost: The normal price for a VendingMiser is $179. CERTs has already hit 100 orders, securing $30 off per unit. This brings the cost down to $149 per VendingMiser (and $141 for VendingMisers placed on adjacent vending machines, see VendingMiser Buyer’s Guide for more details). Shipping will be approximately $3 per VendingMiser, depending on quantity. Remember: Click here to see if your utility offers a rebate!

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Joel Haskard
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Campaign Partners

EnergyMisers, LLC
509 West 2nd Street, Waconia, MN 55387
EnergyMisers, LLC specializes in energy & resource conservation solutions for business & institutional customers. They believe that the first and most effective step to saving energy is controlling consumption, and therefore focus on controlling the largest consumers of energy in your business using proven solutions to help you reduce your energy use.

Campaign Contents


CERTs VendingMiser Bulk-Buy Featured on Lakeland Public Television!

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Action Steps: What to do

  1. Learn & Discuss: Talk with your organization or business about VendingMisers and SnackMisers and determine what your vending operations need
  2. Place an Order: Sign up to order VendingMisers no later than midnight on May 2nd
  3. Spread the Word: Invite others to join in saving energy and money!
  4. Close the Deal: Complete your contract with EnergyMisers, LLC
    • EnergyMisers, LLC will contact you shortly after you send in your form to confirm your purchase and price, and send you and invoice.
  5. Signs: Let vending machine users and service-providers know about the VendingMisers with signs
  6. News Release: Share your progress and success with a press release
  7. Tell Your Story: Inspire others who might take this action

More Resources: Dig Deeper

Want to learn more about the benefits of VendingMisers, case studies of their use around the country, and more technical details about how they work? Check out the resources below.

Current VendingMiser and SnackMiser prices with $30/unit bulk-buy discount:

Item Description Normal Price Our Price
VM 170 VendingMiser for drink machines, easy installation sensor $179 $149
VM 171 VendingMiser for drink machines, with repeater cable $171 $141
VM 150 VendingMiser for drink machines, manual install sensor $179 $149
SM 170 SnackMiser for snack machines, easy installation sensor $160 $130
SM 171 SnackMiser for snack machines, with repeater cable $152 $122
SM 150 SnackMiser for snack machines, manual install sensor $160 $130

These prices may be even lower if your utility offers a rebate for VendingMisers and/or SnackMisers.
See all rebates here.

Campaign Kit: Download and Go

Heading to a meeting? Not going to have an internet connection for a while? This kit has everything you need get going and share this campaign with other colleagues:

  • Program Announcement
  • Campaign Overview
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • FAQ

Download the campaign kit >>

Don’t have vending machines but want to help us spread the word? There are so many businesses, schools, city buildings, and other locations in your community with vending machines—let them know there are savings to be secured! Download our Campaign Kit, print a few out, and drop them off with decision makers when you stop by places with vending machines!


Share: Help Others Take Action!

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News Release: Share Your Progress and Success

You are taking actions that will reduce energy use and save budget dollars. You need to tell members of your community about it! Use this press release template to share your progress and success.

This template includes some basic information about VendingMisers and the potential energy savings that can be seen. It also has some sample quotations from members of your staff. We only mean for all of these things to spark ideas—do whatever you can to customize this news release to fit your needs and tell your story.

Download the news release template >>
See our program press release >>

Media outlets:

Stories: Learning & Inspiration

Below are stories from Minnesotans who have taken this action. Read on to learn from their experiences!

Have a story to share? If you took this action, we want to hear from you. After telling a little bit about yourself, please tell us about the following, along with anything else you’d like to share:

  • How did you hear about this campaign?
  • Why did you choose to purchase and install VendingMisers?
  • How many did you purchase and install?
  • How was the installation process?
  • What types of benefits have you already experienced?
  • Would you recommend that others install VendingMisers?
  • Do you have any tips or advice for others who are thinking about installing VendingMisers?

It is not required, but it would be great if you could also include your name and contact info. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the comment form.

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