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By Annette Bair, SW CERT Coordinator and Physical Development Director, Southwest Regional Development Commission. From the CERTs 2009 Conference Transportation & Carbon Solutions. Opening New Doors and Expanding our Vision Track. Ms. Bair grew up in Indiana and Nebraska; she has an Undergraduate degree in Geography and a Masterメs Degree in Community and Regional Planning from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. In 1986, she began working as a Physical Development Planner for the Southwest Regional Development Commission in Slayton, MN. This position has included work in assisting local units of government in Transportation, Land Use, Solid Waste Management Planning, Environmental, and Energy planning. Currently, her work focuses on Transportation and Renewable Energy planning issues. The Transportation planning objective is to coordinate with the Minnesota Department of Transportation in the planning and development of a comprehensive transportation system in SW Minnesota. She serves as staff to the SRDC Transportation Committee, technical staff to Area Transportation Partnerships 7 and 8, and provides technical assistance to local units of government. She has served as the State Regional Development Organization Transportation Planner chair, and has been on various state plan advisory committees, including Transit and Freight.

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