Demystifying Stand-Alone Dehumidifiers

October 20, 2020 | 11am-12pm


Minnesota Department of Commerce
Event Description

Portable dehumidifiers are present in about half of Minnesota single family homes. Where present they are often the largest plug load, yet much remains unknown about their performance and efficacy, especially in cold climates. How and why are they used in single family homes? Do they remove moisture at their rated efficiency and capacity? Do they meet homeowner needs and expectations? What kind of operational problems inhibit their performance? What energy and cost savings opportunities exist?

In this webinar, Josh Quinnell from the Center for Energy and Environment (CEE) will discuss recent changes to dehumidification energy standards, clear up common misconceptions about portable dehumidifiers, and give an up-to-date characterization of dehumidifier use in Minnesota single family homes. This study surveyed 170 homeowners and performed 62 site visits to learn how and why portable dehumidifiers are used in single family homes. CEE researchers closely monitored 20 dehumidifiers to measure field performance and operational details in representative use cases and worked with these homeowners to improve dehumidification outcomes.


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