Earth, Wind & Solar Event

for farms and homes

July 23, 2019 3-6pm

north of Moorhead MN

Doubting Thomas Farms, Minnesota Farmers Union, Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL), University of Minnesota Extension’s Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (NWRSDP), Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)
Event Description

Lee and Noreen Thomas of Doubting Thomas Farms will host a program titled “Earth, Wind and Solar” on Tuesday, July 23, from 3-6 p.m, just a hop north of Moorhead, Minnesota. This free educational program, one of Minnesota Farmers Union’s (MFU) annual Renewable Energy Working Sessions, will highlight a range of energy systems, from planting trees for shade and wind block to save on energy bills, to large-scale clean energy generation projects like wind and solar, to electric cars and solar ovens, and much more. Participants should bring a copy of their energy bills to identify ways to save. There will also be information about programs for implementing clean energy systems on your farm operation, as well as networking with experts in clean energy technology and finance.


The Minnesota Farmers Union will provide a light meal at no cost.


Don’t forget to bring your energy bill to identify ways to save and learn about programs to help implement clean energy into your farm operation. During the event, you’ll network with a range of individuals with knowledge and experience in clean energy technology and finance.

Attendees can visit and learn about:

-Horticulturist to talk about lawn design, energy efficiency, and fruit trees 

-Pedal power to make rolled oats and smoothies 

-Solar oven, robots, chargers

-Low energy/no bake recipes 

-Energy bill assessments and how to reduce costs

-Various housing ideas to reduce cost (apartment, housing, garages)

-Electric car

-Testing watt knowledge with various household objects 


-A five person bicycle 


Registration: This free event is open to the public.

RSVP by emailing or on “Doubting Thomas Farms” Facebook event page. Mark your calendars for an energetic event, rain or shine! 

Directions: Email for directions for the North Moorhead farm.

Or use google maps to follow the route to Doubting Thomas Farms-- make sure to pay attention to the signs posted on the road as you approach the destination, as to not end up in a field!

Hosted by: This free event is co-hosted by the Minnesota Farmers Union, Doubting Thomas Farms, Rural Renewable Energy Alliance (RREAL), University of Minnesota Extension’s Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships (NWRSDP), and Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs).

More info: For more information on the event, the farm, or the organizations that will be in attendance, check out “Doubting Thomas Farms” on Facebook, Instagram, website:, or contact Noreen directly at .