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Everlight Solar, LLC
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If you want to join an up-and-coming industry with a top-notch company growing rapidly in the space, Everlight Solar is where you should be. We operate across four states and are the leader in solar energy in Wisconsin and the greater Madison area. Don't miss the opportunity to join the Everlight Solar team!

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Primary Duties

The candidate will work with residential and commercial solar power systems to set up and connect the systems to the internet to be monitored remotely. The candidate will work both on and off-site installing monitoring equipment, setting up and troubleshooting the internet connection to the monitoring equipment, and working with customers to answer questions and teach them how to access and use the monitoring website.

  • Excellent customer service skills required (Must also have the communication skills necessary to confidently interact with customers, both over the phone and in person, to answer questions and help them access the online monitoring.)
  • Thrive in a team environment
  • Regular, reliable and predictable attendance required
  • Must be comfortable climbing on roofs from a ladder
  • Must be comfortable crawling in attics
  • Must be technically inclined in the IT field, with an understanding of essential network principles.
  • Must be able to work effectively when alone.
  • Experience with solar power is beneficial, but not required, as it can be learned on the job
How to Apply

Follow instructions at the link.


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