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Cummins is a place big enough to coach and develop a global workforce and create the world’s leading clean, engine technology. We’re also small enough for you to find your fit and personal passion with a team of dependable, innovative thinkers who are developing their careers within a diverse, inclusive, empowering environment. Our Power Systems Business Unit delivers reliable, durable, high performing products to our global partners. Working in an innovative space, you’ll develop high tech solutions that will fuel your advanced career skill set and empower you to own your career. Our integrated businesses demand the talents and creativity of individuals with a wide range of skills and experience.

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This is an exciting opportunity in Shoreview, Minnesota for an Energy Markets Manager within the Power Systems Business Unit (PSBU). Cummins USA is where you can work on industry leading projects. Manages, develops, and implements programs composed of multiple cross functional projects. Partners with key business stakeholders to ensure a successful project completion. Leads a variety of business and policy related strategy projects that produce recommendations for addressing strategic opportunities for the business. This could include policy and business development initiatives.

  • Designs, develops, and applies strategic frameworks to analyze opportunities, challenges, risk, threats, and develop appropriate business solutions; communicates complex strategic topics clearly and concisely to a variety of audiences through both written and oral communication.
  • Works with sales, marketing, and product leaders to identify business development opportunities, key partnerships, and new business models; champions new growth and product ideas; manages special projects that have cross regional implications.
  • Provides comprehensive analysis on markets, products, and customers in support of business planning process; researches, verifies, and organizes complex market trends, competitive intelligence, and sales data.
  • Synthesizes power market data necessary to develop insightful recommendations and business solutions to support market decisions; oversees the monitoring of critical global electricity and energy markets through the lens of distributed generation and power systems.
  • Synthesizes and communicates power-related regulatory trends; establishes and maintains a strong, reliable network of credible information sources; represent and manage the PSBU relationships with industry associations and business coalitions related to energy markets.
  • Leads processes to determine PSBU policy positions on strategic Power Generation business priorities; ensure that policy and strategic planning activities are aligned to the business; identifies risk to the enterprise from related policy.
  • Effectively leads multiple projects with internal and external partners, such as decision makers in other units, leadership teams, senior management and outside stakeholders, to accomplish organizational goals and to identify opportunities and resolve problems.
  • Issue Management - Maintains a cross-functional, cross-organizational project issues list, with appropriate prioritization based on the issue's level of importance. Drives appropriate and timely resolution and approval of changes to the project plan. Trains and/or mentors others in Change and Issue Management.
  • Scope Management - Solicits and organizes customer requirements (Voice of the Customer), and tracks the status of project deliverables. Proficiently uses a Value Package Profile (VPP) or other appropriate scope-defining document, and proactively manages change. Manages the connections between multiple levels of scope detail in related additional documents (e.g. Tech Profiles or equivalent documents). Trains and/or mentors others in scope management.
  • Schedule Management - Manages complex schedules integrating multiple sub-projects. Coaches "should mapping" sessions, and/or has an advanced level of proficiency with schedule management tools. Trains and/or mentors others in schedule management.
  • Resource Plan Management - Develops, manages, and coordinates cross-functional, cross-organizational resource plans for a portfolio, program, and/or project. Knows the right level of detail needed to complete the processes and use the tools effectively. Trains and/or mentors others in Resource Management.
  • Stakeholder Management And Communication - Identifies, engages and manages stakeholders at many levels of the company and across many functions and across boundaries (geography/cultures/plants/suppliers) on high impact, cross-functional or multi-year initiatives on a project, program or groups of projects and programs. Overcomes obstacles and resistance among stakeholders. Effectively stratifies stakeholder needs and creates and executes communications plans to fit the unique needs of each type of stakeholder. Trains and/or mentors others in stakeholder management.
  • Business Planning/Strategy - Performs business planning (business case, NPV, etc.) and strategic analysis and able to do sanity checks on the data.
  • Cross-Functional Knowledge - Understands the detailed work in multiple cross-functional areas. Trains and/or mentors this skill.
  • Project Risk Management - Leads complex or large project teams in the development of a project FMEA and/or 9-box project risk summary, and identifies and manages the actions to mitigate the risk. Trains and/or mentors other in this skill.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant work experience, including team leadership experience, required.
  • Subject Matter Knowledge - Strong understanding and knowledge of energy markets and policy including net metering, distributed generation, utility dockets and energy pricing in addition to public affairs and policy analysis, and regulatory and governmental processes. Maintains knowledge of current energy science and technology, emerging energy and electricity trends, and understands various perspectives on complex power market issues. Ability to connect and articulate relationship between external energy markets and policy issues to Cummins’ energy and electricity-related business priorities and objectives. Educates others on this information and trains/mentors others on this skill.
  • Analyze Issues - Gathers relevant information systematically; considers a broad range of issues or factors; grasps complexities and perceives relationships among problems or issues; seeks input from others; uses accurate logic in analyses.
  • Manage Execution - Assigns responsibilities; delegates to and empowers others; removes obstacles; allows for and contributes needed resources; coordinates work efforts when necessary; monitors progress.
  • Think Strategically - Recognizes significant long-term opportunities for success and accompanying risks; considers a broad range of factors and alternatives and their implications for stakeholders; develops effective, profitable approaches aligned with Cummins’ vision/mission/values and strategic principles.
  • Facilitating Internal Relationships and Consensus - Identifies, engages and manages stakeholders at many levels of the company and across many functions and across boundaries (geography/cultures/plants/suppliers) on high impact, cross-functional or multi-year initiatives. Has demonstrated the relationship skills needed to pull a broad mix of people and skill bases together for a common purpose and goal. It will often involve ability to influence because people on your team will very rarely report directly to you as a leader. Overcomes obstacles and resistance among stakeholders. Lead others to work through a challenging issue, probe for issues/concerns and drive to consensus. Trains and/or mentors others in stakeholder management.
  • Communicates Effectively – Communicates exceptionally with both oral and written communications. Ability to create an overall message for consistent communications related to a specific topic. Ability to create communication plans that are thorough, realistic, and effective in meeting goals and needs of audiences. Incorporates short- and long-term communication objectives in all work. Trains/mentors others on this skill.
  • Takes appropriate risks -- stretching beyond the apparent. Plans for a broad range of perspectives, including those who typically disagree, and engages them in creative ways. Works to overcome barriers when selling and implementing innovative ideas and approaches. Effectively stratifies stakeholder needs and creates and executes communications plans to fit the unique needs of each type of stakeholder.
  • Tolerance of Ambiguity - Can consistently decide and act without having all the details of a situation. Tolerates and can comfortably assess the risk of uncertainty. Acts resourcefully when dealing with ambiguous situations. Can successfully demonstrate and model the skill to others. Can identify uncommon situations associated with the use of this skill and address them independently, or effectively ask for help from other experts.
  • Set the Aim and Champion Change - Communicates to others the relationship between the organization mission and vision and their own priorities, roles, and responsibilities in the midst of change. Consistently demonstrates the ability to encourage others to change their mindset and/or behaviors to achieve positive results. Applies change management processes and tools to help self and others manage change. Keeps others informed of and involved in change through planned communications. Clarify roles and responsibilities on an ongoing basis as situations evolve.
  • Develops Systems and Processes - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge and understanding of the complexities of developing systems and processes. Applies detailed systems and processes to improve and complete work (e.g. communication channels, work steps, procedures, checklists, or flow charts). Demonstrates ability to identify problems resulting from lack of process and develop and apply processes and systems to organize the work. Uses processes and systems to manage multiple and complex work demands. Guides others in the use and application of structured systems and process.
  • Innovate - Demonstrated results indicating deep knowledge of innovation and continual improvement. Seeks to define new and improved processes even when there are no overt problems. Leads projects or initiatives involving a significant design or innovative component. Generates innovative ideas and solutions to problems affecting customers (internal or external).
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