EV-olution: Charging Ahead with EVs in Communities

March 28, 2019 | 11:30am–4:00pm

Como Park Zoo and Conservatory, Saint Paul MN 55103

Clean Energy Resource Teams
Event Description

Do you work for a city, county, utility, state agency, or other organization that could benefit from best practices, tools and resources, and next steps for electric vehicle (EV) readiness? Come learn from work done over the past year by the Cities Charging Ahead! cohort of 28 communities.

Join participating cities at 11:30am for lunch with a keynote and afternoon sessions.

  1. Keynote by Mike Salisbury, City and County of Denver Energy Transportation Lead with a focus on promoting electric vehicles (the city has a goal of 200 EVs in their fleet by 2020!)
  2. Panels of cities covering fleets, EV charging, and private development
  3. Launch and review of resources and tools developed by the CCA team
  4. A discussion of what’s next for CCA or other efforts related to the electric evolution of our transportation system.