The Future of Energy Storage in Minnesota, part 2

Wednesday, April 14th, 2021 | 3:30-4:15pm

Energy Futures


It’s clear that Energy Storage is necessary to reach our clean energy goals, but the amount, technologies, and applications we need are still emerging.

Join us as we continue CERTs Energy Futures events in 2021 in collaboration with our colleagues at the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment to talk about Energy Storage. The second event in this two-part series will focus on community-scale deployment of energy storage technologies, specific applications, workforce development, and growing the market. We'll hear from:

  • Akisha Everett, Energy Storage Project Coordinator, University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment, running a pilot project with community-level energy storage sites
  • Jamez Staples, CEO of Renewable Energy Partners, a clean energy training and construction services company based in North Minneapolis adding an on-site energy storage system
  • Ralph Jacobson, Chief Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Impact Power Solutions, a full-service clean energy development company in Minnesota with storage experience

Event Moderator & Speakers

Lissa Pawlisch
CERTs Statewide Director
UMN Extension RSDP
Akisha Everett
Energy Storage Project Coordinator
UMN Institute on the Environment
Renewable Energy Partners
Chief Justice Equity Diversity & Inclusion Officer
Impact Power Solutions

About this series, Energy Futures: Conversations on Where We’re Headed

There are many people putting forward compelling ideas and visions for the future, and we have been craving a little time to step back and consider these fresh perspectives and how they can contribute to the clean energy future we’re building together.

We thought it might be fun to just sit down with folks, hear what they’re thinking, and invite a couple others into a conversation to help us think more expansively about the potential opportunities and trade-offs.

The new Energy Futures virtual event series from CERTs is an opportunity to do just that! Join us to:

  • Take a step back and imagine potential energy futures
  • Learn from different perspectives on varying aspects of Minnesota's quickly evolving clean energy path
  • Hear a range of ideas over the course of the series about where we’re headed
  • Consider potential implications of these futures and better understand the role of communities in these scenarios

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