Home Energy Office Hours (Virtual)

June 6 | 5-6 p.m.

The Residential IRA Education Working Group
Event Description

Intended Audience: Homeowners and Renters with questions on how to take home energy action.

Description: With the rollout of the Inflation Reduction Act, there are more energy incentives and programs than ever for homeowners and renters to take advantage of. Whether you're interested in reducing your energy bills, improving the air quality and comfort of your home, or reducing your environmental impact, we're here to listen to your concerns and share any information, resources, and personal insights we can to help you take your next steps. These free Home Energy Office Hours represent a collaboration between many climate and energy organizations from the RE-AMP Network and Energy Democracy Project.

Accessibility: This event is free. Drop in at any time during the hour. AI Translated Captions available. This event will not be recorded, but a transcript will be saved to track frequently asked questions.

Example Questions:

  • What home energy tax credits and rebates do I qualify for? How do I claim them?
  • Where should I begin? What order should I try to complete my home energy upgrades in?
  • Is an energy audit really worth the cost? How can I find an energy auditor?
  • A contractor is telling me ______… Does this sound reasonable?
  • What energy improvements can help me improve the air quality of my home?
  • I have an old home… should I be worried about the wiring / insulation / panel before upgrading?

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