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Full Time
18.04 hourly
Full-time, Monday-Friday, 40 hours/week
Primary Duties: 

Performs all aspects of single- and multi-family residential property inspections, develops specific work plans, performs job cost estimating, assists property owners with all aspects of both weatherization and rehabilitation projects, ensures quality control of all projects, and develops all documentation required by funding sources.

Duties and Responsibilities:
•Inspects properties and conducts pressure diagnostic assessments to identify necessary energy improvements
•Inspects residential mechanical systems for energy efficiency and safety
•Inspects residential properties for deficiencies, building durability, safety, accessibility, and homeowner concerns
•Develops weatherization/energy work plans and rehabilitation inspection reports, including cost estimating and project specifications for contractor bidding process
•Coordinates and monitors both weatherization and rehabilitation projects per program guidelines
•Performs proper file documentation of both weatherization/energy and rehabilitation projects
•Administers and enforces all applicable energy, building, and accessibility codes
•Conducts regular job site inspections and evaluates completed work
•Investigates complaints filed by homeowners and mediates between homeowner and contractors
•Assists in development of training and technical assistance programs
•Educates and promotes energy conservation and minimum property standards with the general public


•High school graduate or equivalent
•Minimum 2 year’s experience and/or training in the building construction field
•Certification or willing to obtain the following certifications within 6 months of hire: Dunwoody’s Residential Energy Auditor and Building Performance Institute (BPI) Building Analyst Professional
•Ability to inspect, communicate, develop project specifications, and enforce all program guidelines and local building codes
•Regularly lifts 50 lbs. and occasionally more
•Regularly climbs ladders and enters crawl spaces
•Computer skills
•Current Minnesota state drivers license required

Additional Info: 

Needed Attributes:
•Ability to work with diverse groups including elderly, low-income, disabled individuals, local officials, and contractors
•Strong negotiation, problem solving, organization, and documentation skills required

How to Apply: 

Apply by 12-21-18 at www.aeoa.org, Careers tab, View all jobs.

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