Office of Enterprise Sustainability - Director

State of Minnesota, Department of Administration

The State of Minnesota, as an enterprise, defines sustainability as meeting the economic, social and environmental needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. State government agencies should embrace a culture of sustainability in order to:

maintain our economic viability be socially responsible, and preserve our natural resources for future generations.

Primary Responsibilities for the Office of Enterprise Sustainability:

Assist Cabinet Level Agencies to develop Plans to meet Statutory Requirements or Executive Orders in the area of sustainability

Share best practices from both inside and outside of government

Assist agencies with finding the subject matter experts to ensure sustainability plans contain all elements required for success

Assist agencies in finding resources required to execute sustainability plans

Track the results at the agency/state level to provide transparency concerning agency/state progress toward established goals

Make the entire state sustainability program easier for state agencies so they can be successful

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Full Time
$83,311- $119,496 /year
Monday - Friday (business hours, day shift)
Primary Duties: 

Responsibilities of the position include:

Provide strategic leadership to coordinate enterprise-wide sustainability efforts, in concert with agency partners in order to improve sustainability outcomes throughout the enterprise.

Provide continuity across the enterprise in sustainability programs.

Works to assist all state agencies in achieving enterprise-wide sustainability goals as identified in Governor’s Executive Orders.

Work with experts in state agencies to develop and maintain a best practices manual(s) that are easily replicable and scalable.

Seek innovative ways to improve the overall sustainability of state government.

Use data to help agencies implement work plans to ensure benchmarks are being met or exceeded.

Track and participate in various work-groups across state agencies related to improved environmental outcomes in state agencies. Provide leadership and connections across working groups to ensure communication, cohesive policy recommendations, and improved overall outcomes.

Ensure agencies are connected to resources and trainings, and provide innovative solutions to sustainability challenges.

Advise agency leadership on sustainability matters and seek endorsement and buy-in at a leadership level throughout the enterprise.

Accountable for upkeep of dashboard to measure and drive systems change in state agencies stemming from the Results Conference on State Operations Sustainability.

Work to develop communications plans in concert with other agencies on sustainability programming, results and outcomes.

Track savings to state agencies that can be attributed to the implementation of sustainability measures or reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Work to increase employee engagement around sustainability programming.

Provide leadership, guidance and staff support to the Sustainability Steering team.


Bachelor's degree in an Environmental Science, any Natural Science, Public Administration or other related degree with a broad knowledge of environmental issues and sustainability and four (4) years of professional level work experience OR six (6) years professional level work experience.

Work experience must demonstrate the following:

Experience in developing and implementing sustainability programs, preferably across large enterprises
Experience in policy development, statute interpretation, law change proposals, and legislative involvement

Experience in professional development including organizational management, change management, continuous improvement/lean methodology, etc.

Knowledge of emerging practices in reducing carbon footprints and sustainability programming

Leadership and communication capabilities at an executive level

Preferred Qualifications:

Extensive knowledge of best practices in sustainability programming

Familiarity with state government operations

Advanced professional communication skill sufficient to build positive working relationships with agency decision-makers at various levels of government

Ability to communicate and negotiate effectively with people not directly managed

Demonstrated experience in business management and leadership

Risk management experience sufficient to the positions role

Knowledge of cost effectiveness, return on investment, and other tools to gauge economic effectiveness of programming

Ability to facilitate buy-in and agreement amongst large groups of stakeholders throughout government

Forward thinking and innovative ideas on the future of state government operations, and a proven ability to adapt over time

Ability to think innovatively and to use data to improve processes and outcomes

Additional Info: 

Additional Requirements:

Requires a Class D Driver’s License: a single unit vehicle with a gross vehicle weight of less than 26,000 pounds. This is a basic driver’s license.

Successful applicant must pass a criminal background check through the American Databank and employer reference checks.

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