Opportunities for CIP to Support Tribal Food Sovereignty


Aug. 18, 2022 | 1-2 p.m.


MN Dept of Commerce with presentation by project team of Slipstream, Indian Land Tenure Foundation, St. Croix Institute, and Our Healthy Share
Event Description

Nearly 1.6 million Minnesotan’s lack easy access to healthy food, ranking it seventh worst in the nation. As food deserts, climate change, and pandemics impact Minnesota’s Tribal Communities, there is a growing movement towards Tribal Food Sovereignty. Minnesota utilities have an opportunity to partner with Tribal Organizations to reduce energy barriers to Tribal food security.

This webinar will explore a CARD-funded research project that uses the lens and framework of Minnesota’s Conservation Improvement Program (CIP) to understand energy issues related to food sovereignty and resilience in Indigenous communities in Minnesota. 

The project team of SlipstreamIndian Land Tenure FoundationSt. Croix Institute, and Our Healthy Share will present results from a literature review, interviews with Indigenous food producers, and analysis of existing CIP offerings regarding how current CIP offerings can be used to support Indigenous producers.

The webinar will also discuss recommendations developed from the research on how CIP can support both energy savings and non-energy benefits generated through strengthened Tribal food systems.

Join this webinar on June 8th to gain insights about energy issues related to food sovereignty in Minnesota Tribal Communities, including the barriers that impede and opportunities that exist to create greater success for food cultivation, processing, storage, and distribution.


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