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This section provides resources for you and your congregation as you work on energy efficiency and clean energy projects.

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In 2016 there were 57,351 clean energy jobs in MN
Dan Thiede
Thu, 09/07/2017 - 2:49pm
Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM) today released a new report called Clean Jobs Midwest from Clean Energy Trust and Environmental Entrepreneurs that finds that Minnesota now has 57,351 total clean energy jobs. In the last 12 months, Minnesota’...
MNIPL team planning for faith community outreach
Gordon Moore
Thu, 07/20/2017 - 3:31pm
The energy revolution is spreading, and Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light (MNIPL) is doggedly determined to help Minnesota’s variety of faith communities join the movement. Although some energy efficiency and clean energy resources are...
Youth Be the Spark participants
Marcell Mikkelson
Tue, 04/25/2017 - 2:25pm
Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light (MNIPL) is an organization that works with faith communities across Minnesota to address the problem of climate change through education and opportunities to become a part of the climate justice movement. With...

Faith Groups Case Studies

The story of Noah and the Ark, a man building a gigantic boat in preparation for a flood that no one else believed was coming, is familiar to most. Crosslake Presbyterian Church has recently taken a page out of Noah’s book and begun their own major undertaking that was initially dismissed by some. Project proponents commissioned a research study on the...
Buffalo Public Utilities Director Joe Steffel was looking for a way to engage small businesses in his community by helping them to take advantage of energy-saving opportunities. “I knew that there was no substitute for knowledge,” said Steffel, “and using that knowledge to get people to act.””

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Explore technology resources
If you’re looking to learn more about a specific technology, like energy efficiency, solar, or wind, we have what you’re looking for. Our technology resources include everything from basic introductions and frequently asked questions to CERTs case studies to recent reports and organizations that can help you go deeper. Learn more.

CERTs Supported Projects

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CERTs awards Seed Grants to community groups for energy efficiency and clean energy projects. See projects or learn more about grants.

Detailed Resources for Faith Groups

Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light (MN IPL)
Founded as Congregations Caring for Creation in 2004, Minnesota Interfaith Power & Light believes the active care of creation is integral to spiritual life and social justice. Through leadership and guidance to Minnesota’s faith communities, we respond to climate change by promoting energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy sources.

ENERGY STAR for Congregations
This website has a great deal of resources specifically geared towards congregations working on global warming solutions. They also let you know what you can do, what others are doing, and what other programs may be of interest to your congregation. Also see their guide, Putting Energy into Stewardship, and their Energy Stewardship Action List.

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