Public Utility Rates Analyst

Minnesota Public Utilities Commission
Organization Summary

This position provides policy and technical analysis and interpretation of complex gas, electric, and telephone utility regulatory matters and other energy-related issues for the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission.

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Location in MN
Job type

$23.74 - $34.86/hr., $49,569 – $72,788 annually


Day shift, Monday-Friday

Primary Duties

A Rates Analyst 2 advises the Commission on economic and financial regulatory and energy policy issues, and when workload demands it, telecommunications matters. The incumbent would be expected to evaluate and interpret, orally and in writing, utility filings on such topics as rate design, forecasting, cost of service, service quality, rate riders and related utility regulatory, energy and telecommunications policy issues. The incumbent would also be responsible for serving as project manager for proceedings led by more senior staff, conducting basic research and preparing written or oral reports on other regulatory and policy issues before the Commission.


Minimum Qualifications:

  1. [a] Graduate degree in Economics, Finance, Business, Energy/Public Policy, Public Administration, Planning, Statistics, Law (JD), or related field; OR [b] Bachelors’ degree in Economics, Finance, Business, Energy/Public Policy, Public Administration, Planning, Statistics, or related field, AND at least 1 years’ experience as an Analyst or equivalent with a regulatory agency or utility, OR at least 2 years of experience with an organization concerned with energy or utility issues, other than a regulatory agency or utility.
  2. Knowledge of basic economic, statistical, financial and other business principles and tools.
  3. Written and oral communication skills sufficient to explain complex economic and regulatory concepts clearly and concisely.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Basic understanding of the electric, natural gas, telecommunications and/or water industries.
  • Basic understanding of utility economic, financial, ratemaking, energy forecasting, and other regulatory concepts and practices.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills.
  • Strong quantitative skills.
  • Ability to interpret statutes, Commission rules, regulations and orders, and other utility regulatory practices
  • Ability to conduct research, investigations and to perform complex analyses of regulatory and policy issues. 
  • Ability to collaborate with peers and senior staff across multiple divisions of an organization.
How to Apply

Apply on State Careers Site

If you have questions about the position, contact Jodie Segelstrom at


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