Distributed Generation Workshops from Division of Energy Resources, Minnesota Department of Commerce


by Division of Energy Resources, MN Department of Commerce
Distributed generation of wind power in Southwest MN

The Division of Energy Resources, Minnesota Department of Commerce is hosting a series of Distributed Generation Workshops to examine opportunities and issues related to greater development of distributed generation resources in Minnesota.

The department is hosting four workshops this fall to discuss the benefits, barriers, and issues associated with increased DG capacity. CERTs is pleased to share the presentations from these workshops below. Upcoming workshops will focus on net metering and next steps, and we will share those presentations once they’re available in November.

What is it? Dispersed generation is a decentralized power plant, feeding into the distribution level power-grid and typically sized between 10 and 150 MW. Our electric utility infrastructure in this country is based on a system of large power plants feeding power to customers through a vast transmission and distribution system, collectively known as “the grid”. Dispersed generation is a concept where smaller, highly efficient power plants would be built along the existing grid, close to the end-user customer. It is similar in concept to the move from large central computers to desktop computers on a network. Minnesota, with our strong renewable energy capabilities, is ideally suited to take advantage of dispersed generation across the state.

Opportunities and Issues for Distributed Generation Resources – September 29, 2011 Workshop (Agenda)

Distributed Generation Contracting Issues – October 11, 2011 Workshop (Agenda)

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