PV System Operations & Maintenance (PV 240.05)

This course is designed to provide technicians an understanding of the maintenance required over the lifetime of a solar electric (PV) system. 

December 2-22, 2019

Midwest Renewable Energy Association
Event Description

This four-hour, online course is designed to provide current and aspiring technicians an understanding of the periodic maintenance required to ensure optimal energy production over the lifetime of a solar electric (PV) system. Participants will review the components in a PV system, learn what’s expected in a six- and twelve-month checkup, and explore tools that can be used to find existing and potential problem areas through a combination of recorded presentations, resources, quizzes, and live webinars.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the balance of system (BOS) components found in a PV system
  • Recognize common PV system malfunctions
  • Identify potential obstructions to the solar window
  • Calculate for voltage rise and drop with changes in ambient temperature, using the NEC and manufacturer specifications
  • Describe the necessary steps for performing a six-month inspection and checkup
  • Identify equipment required for taking safe and accurate field measurements
  • Analyze infrared scans to find hot spots
  • Examine I-V curves and data tables to find performance and production issues like passing clouds, frost, shading, low irradiance, and lightning damage
  • Describe the necessary steps for performing a one-year inspection and checkup
  • Plan for replacement parts and warranty issues

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