Reconsidering Cooling Loads in Minnesota

December 1, 2020 | 11am-12pm


Minnesota Department of Commerce
Event Description

Residential cooling is one of the largest growing loads in the United States. A colder climate and the lower cooling needs of Minnesota’s homes has led to a lag in adoption of cooling and efficiency cooling technology in Minnesota, which trails behind the national market. However, in recent years, cooling has grown considerably in Minnesota — approximately 75% of Minnesota’s homes now have whole-house cooling systems.

Due to Minnesota’s climate, cooling systems have received less attention and innovation than their heating counterparts. Many homes still use minimum-efficiency conventional cooling solutions, despite the existence of higher-efficiency options that perform better. This presents an opportunity for more efficient cooling in Minnesota.

In this webinar, Ben Schoenbauer, senior research engineer at the Center for Energy and Environment, will discuss the current state of cooling in Minnesota; innovations in cooling technology; barriers to higher-performance cooling systems; and opportunities for homeowners, contractors, and programs to increase the overall performance and energy efficiency of their systems.

Join us for a webinar to consider the future of residential cooling in Minnesota


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