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Are you a hard-charging/hard-working software leader looking to add your talents to a fast paced and innovative mission driven organization? M-RETS is a 501(C)(4) non-profit that owns and manages a renewable electricity certificate and renewable thermal certificate tracking system. If that seems wonky, it is. And we own it. If this sounds exciting, you will lead the charge on some cutting edge developments in decarbonizing our economy. The M-RETS platform is the leading renewable certificate tracking system and is used by Fortune 25 companies, utilities, and regulators. You will work on projects that matter, and you will help usher in a data revolution by helping our platform deliver more data and information.

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Starting at $110,000

Primary Duties

We need an Engineering Manager to be an active member of the development team who is comfortable participating in all development team activities; leading where necessary and following where strong patterns have been established. The Engineering Manager is expected to model team player behavior by demonstrating a positive attitude and practicing respectful communication. The team will look to you for leadership in technical decisions, M-RETS culture, and also as a mentor. You will own this process and steer the ship, M -RETS culture is not one to accept the excuse that this is not in m y job description or nobody told me to do it. If that is you, good luck, we are not a good fit for everyone. But you will also not be alone, and M-RETS will provide support and guidance.

  • Ensure the development process remains a living process that grows and evolves to support the dual mission of growing the business and producing quality products.
  • Work to build an M-RETS code standard and drive that standard throughout all products.
  • Establish testing best practices and ensure test coverage of new and updated features. Create, plan, and prioritize recommendations to backfill tests as needed.
  • Work with the team to evaluate system performance and efficiency and create a plan to address problem areas.
  • Ensure the established deployment process is understood and followed by the team. Make recommendations to update processes as needed. Thoroughly understand the benefits of CI&CD and can work with the team to remain agile with software delivery.
  • Lead infrastructure management and make recommendations for changes.
  • Lead ad-hoc technical feature discussions when necessary. Take a balanced approach to evaluating technical decisions considering business needs as well as technical factors. Clearly and respectfully articulate technical trade-offs to business leaders.
  • Track system development and review code for meeting standards and for effects on the broader systems. Track work from all members of the team. Be a spokesperson for the team sharing both wins and losses.
  • Take the initiative to learn about emerging issues and new technologies in the stack.
  • Work with t he CEO to build business cases to justify large technology decisions, providing examples and evidence supporting the beliefs of the development team.
  • Participate in the development of team competencies. This could include one-on-one mentoring, workshops, or resource sharing.
  • Own developer relations and manage the team’s growing need to respond to ad-hoc technical inquiries.
  • Own and maintain our growing body of public API documentation and other internal and external technical documentation.
  • Manage on-boarding of new team members.

This is not the position for someone with brief management experience. We know managing software engineers is not for the faint of heart, but someone has to do it. We are looking for someone who is a culture fit and loves the management and software development process. At M-RETS we have a unique culture, we want people to love where they work and what they do.

Once we go back to our office--if that ever happens--we work in a great co-working space. We are open and value diversity and diversity of opinion, we love what we do and value the chance to make a difference.

Our tech stack includes a Rails backend and React frontend. We get to play with over a decade of rich industry data and are looking at new technical solutions to support our organizational goal of growing our sophistication as a data organization. With that said, we are looking for cultural fit over experience with our exact technologies. We’ll give preference to candidates who have experience with modern open-source software stacks and development processes at a small, nimble organization.

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