Solar 101: Twin Cities & Duluth and Arrowhead Solar Co-ops


January 24, 2023 | 6:30 p.m.


Solar United Neighbors
Event Description

Ready to go solar? Solar co-ops in the Twin Cities area and the Duluth and Arrowhead area are now open for members.

Join this virtual Solar 101 to learn about the process of going solar and how joining a solar co-ops makes it easier and more affordable.

Hear from solar experts! Making the switch to solar doesn’t need to be overwhelming. This session will explore topics such as:

  • Solar technology
  • Financing options, 30% solar investment tax credit, and net metering
  • How a solar co-op saves you money and connects you with a quality solar installer
  • The Inflation Reduction Act and valuable solar incentives, including incentives available to low-income homeowners

The solar co-ops are free to join and there is no obligation to go solar. Join the Duluth and Arrowhead Solar Co-op or the Twin Cities Area Solar Co-op.


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