Solar Energy Impact Investing: The Red Lake Tribe

January 16, 2020 | 4:30pm-6pm

2670 Patton Road, Roseville MN 55113

IPS Solar
Event Description

Join Ralph Jacobson for an evening on Solar Energy Impact Investing in a Native American community.

About this Event

Learn about the most compelling drivers for the project:

- The challenge the Red Lake Tribe in Northern Minnesota is having with pollution from fossil fuels, and their plan to defend their commercial walleye fishery as a perpetual resource for their community.

- The Promise of the Red Lake Solar Project and how you can be part of a crowd-funded solar energy project that could place a local Native American community in a leadership role in the clean energy transition.

- How the Red Lake Tribe has the potential to create a Solar + Storage Utility for themselves and leapfrog over the present electrical grid into the future of grid technology.

- How the Red Lake Solar Project offers Tribe members local economic development in terms of Quality Job Training + Quality Jobs.

- How Minnesota Community Sources are making the Red Lake Solar Project happen, not Wall Street banks.

Learn more about the project here!