Testimonials about CERTs



These testimonials have been submitted by people who have worked with CERTs, attended our events, received Seed Grants, and much more.

Forever keeping us in the loop
Renewable energy is a rapidly developing field. It is hard for the average school administrator or engineer to keep up to speed on what is available in the way of grants and other financial initiatives. CERTs knew that we were looking at biomass as an option. They informed us of the grant and encouraged us to apply. We still have a lot of work to do to get the system installed. As we progress, it is good to know that CERTs will be there as an informational resource.
- Stan Simon
S.L Simon Engineering
A piece of Clean Energy Heaven
I was amazed at all of the enthusiastic people involved with the 2011 CERTs Clean Energy Convergence and excited to hear all of the ideas entrepreneurs are bringing to the market. I was in 'Clean Energy Heaven'! I look forward to the next one!
- Sonya Kopet
Waste Reduction and Recycling Corps Member | MN GreenCorps
New windows lead to new savings
The Milan Village Arts School, which is situated in an historic rural schoolhouse, partnered with the Clean Energy Resource Team to install new windows in the school. The windows replaced the old original single pane windows which were highly inefficient. The new windows reduced heating costs and allowed the natural northern light to flood in while maintaining the historic integrity of the old schoolhouse. The project was extremely successful and MVAS is exited about working with CERTs on other projects in the future.
- Ron Porep
Coordinator | Milan Village Arts School
Kickstarting an incredible, edible adventure
Our Youth Energy Summit team at has received two $5,000 CERTs seed grants in the past. That grant money, along with other volunteers and donations, started us on an incredible (and edible) adventure. The grants allowed us to install renewable heating systems in an old greenhouse so we can grow fresh produce year round.
- Rob Palmer
YES! Coach and Science Teacher | Willmar Senior High School
Catalying on-farm biofuel use and making connections
Our on-farm biofuel project was jump-started thanks to an initial grant from CERTs. CERTs staff have been most helpful in assisting us in making connections and providing useful suggestions.
- Paul Porter
University of Minnesota
Truly working in every region of Minnesota
CERTs is a great way to ensure that all regions of Minnesota are equally represented as this green movement charges forward. Too often innovation and resources are stoked in central cities alone, leaving our efforts out-state neither recognized nor rewarded. CERTs is able to recognize, reward, and connect people in energy conservation from all parts of the state. Keep up the good work, and thanks!
- Molly Berg
Habitat for Humanity of Minnesota
Driving implementation
CERTs is a tool for all of our communities to actually start implementing renewable systems and discussion.
- Michael Reese
University of Minnesota West Central Research and Outreach Center
Bets thing since SPAM
CERTs is the best thing to hit Minnesota since SPAM! It's exciting to see so much of Minnesota represented in one place for networking, cooperation and idea sharing!
- John M. Smith
CERTs 2009 Conference Attendee
A great holiday light recycling helper
The partnership with CERTs and the Recycling Association of Minnesota on the Recycle Your Holidays program has been invaluable to the Adult Training and Habilitation Center, providing employment to 60 individuals with developmental disabilities and keeping all of us in the holiday spirit year round.
- Jason Telander
Executive Director | Adult Training and Habilitation Center
A tremendous supporter
CERTs has been instrumental in supporting our Solar Assistance Program. In addition to much needed financial support, CERTs has offered tremendous support in terms of networking and information dissemination.
- Jason Edens
Rural Renewable Energy Alliance


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