Virtual MnTAP Intern Symposium

Join us virtually August 19th to celebrate the accomplishments of the MnTAP Interns and their 2020 projects!

August 19, 2020 | 1-4:30pm
Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
Event Description

This year's symposium features intern projects at companies around the state and student research projects.  The interns will highlight the opportunities they have identified for saving water, energy, and waste during their 3-month internships.  

MnTAP staff are grateful that in collaboration with our sponsors, host companies, and students we have been able to adapt the 2020 MnTAP Intern Program to safely carry out high impact projects for pollution prevention, energy and water efficiency. One adaptation is that we need to make our Intern Symposium a virtual event for 2020.  Interns will be divided between 2 virtual rooms where they will present summaries of their projects and answer questions at the end of each session.  

For those who have attended in the past, you know this is an information packed celebration of the great work the interns and student researchers have done to identify savings in water, energy, and waste.