Helping Minnesota communities determine their clean energy future

Download CERTs Fact Sheet The Clean Energy Resource Teams—or CERTs—are a statewide partnership with a shared mission to connect individuals and their communities to the resources they need to identify and implement community-based clean energy projects.

We empower communities and their members to adopt energy conservation, energy efficiency, and renewable energy technologies and practices for their homes, businesses, and local institutions.

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Press Releases

Energy experts to explore cost-saving strategies with attendees   Media Contact:
Lighting accounts for 5-10% of total energy use in the average American home and costs $50 to $150 per year in electricity. That might not sound like a huge amount, but when you multiply that by the m...
Free event by Central Clean Energy Resource Team (CERT) highlights heating options

CERTs in the News

The city of Northfield is teaming up with Carleton students this summer to help bring the city closer to its GreenStep Cities program goals. The GreenStep Cities program, sponsored by the Minnesota...
If you’re still feeling the financial sting of the huge spike in propane and fuel oil costs following Minnesota’s brutally cold winter, it may be time to think about investing in an alternative...
Here’s a bright idea. Next time a light bulb burns out in your house, don’t just screw in any old replacement bulb. After all, there’s some luminous new technology out there when it...