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Farmers have always depended on the power of the sun for their livelihood, but a growing number of them are harnessing that power for electricity to power their operations. “They look at solar because it’s a good way to reduce production costs,” said Fritz Ebinger, Clean Energy Resource Teams (...
The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) will hold a collection event for recycling holiday lights statewide in Minnesota, joining thousands of local organizers holding recycling events across the country to celebrate America Recycles Day, a day to promote and celebrate recycling in the United...
The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) is holding a collection event for recycling holiday lights statewide in Minnesota through the end of January, joining thousands of local organizers across the country to celebrate America Recycles Day. RAM and the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs)...
Q: Lots of people have been switching over to LED holiday lights because they use 50 percent less energy than conventional incandescent light strands, can last up to 10 times longer, and are much cooler, reducing the risk of fire. Where can people recycle both types of light strands? A: All...
Minnesota has a plan to reduce carbon emissions, meet the state’s energy needs, improve efficiency, and make power more local. And the plan is to meet some serious goals by 2025. To find out how this plan is working — and whether it will meet the needs of Minnesotans — the Minnesota...
In a cooperative effort between the City of Slayton and the EDA, the City of Slayton has three new signs as you enter town. The signs are lit with LED lighting and will be solar powered by Larry Henderson of Back Up Power Systems.
For the past few years the Indian restaurant Gandhi Mahal has worked with different partners on incorporating sustainability into its operations, from compostable and reusable containers to an aquaponics fish farm in the basement. One of those partners has been the Lake Street Council, which in...
The Recycling Association of Minnesota (RAM) and the Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTs) are once again providing the Recycle Your Holidays program to Minnesotans. Hundreds of drop-off sites are available to Minnesotans across the state who want to recycle their old, tangled and broken holiday...
If you still haven’t put up your holiday lights — all your lights — then thanks for not rushing the holiday. And while you’re at it, take those old, worn-out strings of bulbs to the nearest recycling center. The Clean Energy Resource Teams’ Recycle Your Holidays program is now...
Participating farmers saving more than $2,000 per barn each year   Minnesota is the #1 turkey producing and processing state in the U.S., with 450 family farmers raising approximately 44 million to 46 million turkeys annually. The cost of energy can have a big impact on the cost of food....



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