Saving Watts and Drops Fundraisers



Saving Watts and Drops helps Minnesota community and youth groups conduct fundraisers with plug-and-play energy and water saving products in collaboration with their electric or natural gas utilities.


Community groups: Raise funds for your projects and save energy by selling items like LED bulbs and showerheads.

Utilities: Meet conservation goals while engaging community or youth groups in your service territory.


    What are the Roles?


Community Group

  • Learn about easy energy efficiency by creating a customizable fundraiser
  • Send completed order forms to utility and CERTs
  • Deliver unsold items to utility and pay for them, as determined with utility


  • Connect utilities and groups when partnerships don’t already exist
  • Provide educational and outreach materials and fundraiser planning worksheets
  • Create Right Light Guides with utility logo


  • Procure fundraiser items and deliver to group
  • Determine payment arrangement with group and invoice group for items sold
  • Collaborate with groups directly; include CERTs as needed

    Fundraising kit ready to go


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    CERTs Partners:

Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Energy Resources University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and Extension Great Plains Institute Southwest Regional Development Commission