Saving Watts and Drops



Saving Watts and Drops is rooted in the idea of lots of smaller energy-savings happening throughout Minnesota can result in big energy savings together.



    Two ways to participate

Saving Watts and Drops Fundraisers helps Minnesota community and youth groups conduct fundraisers with plug-and-play energy and water saving products in collaboration with their electric or natural gas utilities. Saving Watts and Drops Bulk Buys helps cities and other similar community-level organizations distribute plug-and-play energy and water saving products for free or at a low cost.



    More about the programs


This CERTified Campaign pulls from CERTs’ past experiences and feedback from the clean energy community. The interest in the past bulk-buy campaigns Make a Splash have continued robustly. Communities like having something “smaller” that is quick and easy. Saving Watts and Drops shifts away from CERTs hosting the bulk buy to empowering others to get reduced pricing by purchasing in bulk. CERTs is also drawing from other educational campaigns, like the Right Light Guide, to inform and support how to be more educational with Saving Watts and Drops.

Visit the websites for Saving Watts and Drops Fundraisers and Saving Watts and Drops Bulk Buys to learn more.


Minnesotans building a clean energy future


    CERTs Partners:

Minnesota Department of Commerce Division of Energy Resources University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and Extension Great Plains Institute Southwest Regional Development Commission