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2024 Minnesota Energy Factsheet

Carbon emissions drop 10% as MN heads toward zero-carbon power generation

Minnesota has once again proven itself a leader in the clean energy transition, with the 2024 Minnesota Energy Factsheet showing that zero-carbon power generated 54% of the state’s electricity in 2023. The report, released today by Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM) and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE), marks the fourth consecutive year that zero-carbon power has made up the majority of Minnesota’s electricity (54%), compared to the national share of carbon-free power at just 41%.

Highlights from this year’s Factsheet include:

  • Carbon emissions reductions: Minnesota’s power sector carbon emissions are down 54% below 2005 levels, outpacing the national reduction of 42%. The state achieved a 10% reduction in power sector emissions over the last year alone.
  • Renewable energy milestones: Renewable sources contributed to one-third of the state’s electricity generation in 2023, showcasing a significant move toward cleaner energy alternatives.
  • Electric vehicle adoption: A surge in electric vehicle registrations, with a 55% increase from 2022, underscores Minnesotans’ growing preference for sustainable transportation options.
  • Advancements in hydrogen energy: Electrolyzer shipments, including from Minnesota-based Cummins, saw a dramatic rise in 2023, bolstered by incentives from the federal Inflation Reduction Act (IRA).
  • Growth in renewable energy capacity: Over the past five years, Minnesota added 2.2 GW of renewable energy capacity while reducing coal dependency by 1.2 GW.
  • Increased energy productivity: Minnesota has enhanced its energy productivity by 33% since 2001, emphasizing efficiency and innovation in its energy use.
  • Zero-carbon electricity already powers Minnesota: For the fourth consecutive year, zero-carbon sources provided the majority of Minnesota’s electricity, with 54% coming from zero-carbon sources in 2023.

“This year’s factsheet is a testament to Minnesota’s leadership and commitment to an energy system that is sustainable and secure. Our achievements in reducing power sector emissions, expanding renewable energy deployment, and leading the charge in electric vehicle adoption are a result of strong policy and business innovation at the state and local level.”

- Gregg Mast, Clean Energy Economy MN Executive Director

The Factsheet is a companion to the 2024 Sustainable Energy in America Factbook, which provides valuable year-over-year data and insights on the American energy transformation. Both resources are commissioned by the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE) with research by BloombergNEF. The Minnesota Energy Factsheet is made possible with the support of the McKnight Foundation.

Download the 2024 Minnesota Energy Factsheet.


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