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Adding Energy Storage into your Projects

Looking for the perfect introduction to energy storage? Check out Energy Storage 101 from the University of Minnesota Energy Transition Lab.

Excerpt: Batteries are probably the most widely-known form of energy storage, and make up an essential part of the industry, particularly when it comes to electric vehicles and integrating and adding value to variable renewable sources like wind and solar. But energy storage is so much more than the latest advancement in lithium battery technology – from pumped hydro to magnetic fields, energy can be stored in a multitude of ways and put to a wide variety of uses.

Energy storage has a bright future in Minnesota.

Here are several recent studies digging into the opportunities for adding storage to renewable energy production like solar and wind.

  1. Modernizing Minnesota’s Grid: An Economic Analysis of Energy Storage Opportunities - University of Minnesota Energy Transition Lab

  2. Minnesota Solar Potential Analysis and MISO-wide follow-up report - MN Solar Pathways

  3. Minnesota’s Smarter Grid: Pathways Toward a Clean, Reliable, and Affordable Energy System - McKnight Foundation