CERTs goes door to door in Victoria talking to businesses about energy saving opportunities


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Metro CERT staff ready for door knocking efforts

On June 28, Metro CERT paid a visit to Victoria, MN to talk to small businesses about energy-saving projects. CERT hoped to raise awareness about opportunities available through rebates and programs offered by their utilities. The quaint downtown was small, but energetic!

During the visit, Metro CERT staff were able to talk with a total of 33 businesses in the city of lakes and parks. CERTs brought materials from CenterPoint and Xcel Energy to distribute to business owners.

One program CERTs was especially hoping to spread the word about was the Natural Gas Energy Analysis offered through CenterPoint. This program provides a comprehensive assessment of a business’ natural gas use, a list of recommended energy saving improvements, and provides free direct install of things like programmable thermostats, low flow faucet aerators, and weather stripping during the analysis. These measures can add up to huge energy-saving potential for small businesses, to whom every dollar matters.

Businesses from a range of industries, including restaurants, breweries, manufacturing warehouses, and health care offices, were eager to follow up about the analyses. During the remainder of the summer, Metro CERT plans to iterate this event in other cities throughout the Metro area.

If you would like to learn more about the CenterPoint Natural Gas Energy Analysis, please contact: mn-naturalgasenergyanalysis@centerpointenergy.com.

To get in touch with Metro CERT, please contact Diana McKeown, Metro CERT Director at 612-278-7158 or dmckeown@gpisd.net.

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