Solar-powered entrance signs now welcome people to Slayton, MN


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New solar-powered LED lit signs welcome people to Slayton

Three signs welcoming people to the City of Slayton are now illuminated using the power of the sun. The new entrance signs use solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to power energy-efficient LED light bulbs.

The signs are backlit with LED lights. A 280-watt solar panel was installed to power each of the three signs, and battery systems are used so that the signs can remain off the grid, avoiding expensive connections to electric lines.

Josh Malchow, Slayton’s City Administrator, reported that “After considering the overall cost of running power to the sites or using solar, the city felt that choosing solar power was the best option.”

The City of Slayton received a $2,025 Seed Grant from the Southwest Clean Energy Resource Team (SW CERT) to install the signs.

Annette Fiedler, SW CERT Coordinator, said that “the SW CERT Seed Grant funds were used to help offset the labor cost to install the renewable energy technology. CERTs provides these Seed Grants with two primary objectives in mind. First, to encourage implementation of community-based clean energy projects across the state. Second, to provide an educational forum for energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and their economic, community, and ecological benefits.”

Project Snapshot

  • Project: 0.84 kW Photovoltaic-powered LED City Entrance Sign
  • Location: Slayton, MN
  • Activity: Implementation
  • Technology: Solar PV with Batteries
  • Benefits: Showcases renewable energy and energy efficiency at the entrance to the community, while saving considerable installation costs to bring power to these entrance signs.
  • Total Project Cost: $75,755
  • SW CERT Seed Grant: $2,025
  • Annual Energy Generation: 1,100 kWh
  • People Involved: 27
  • People Reached: 2,135

CERTs awards seed grants to community groups for energy efficiency and clean energy projects across Minnesota. We’ve awarded over $1 million in Seed Grants since 2006. Click here to see more Seed Grant blog posts or click here to see more past funded projects.

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