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Xcel Energy Partners in Energy Program

What do people living and working in your community want in energy efficiency and sustainability? Communities can partner with Xcel Energy to identify and prioritize their energy needs. The utility provides tools and resources to develop a plan and then supports putting it into action.

It’s called Partners in Energy. Residents, local businesses, city operations, and municipal leaders work together to create energy plans. It’s a coordinated effort that’s truly rooted in the local community. Watch a short video here or check out a great infographic about the program.

“We‘re excited to see communities take ownership of their energy use, and priorities can vary. They can include efficiency, cost savings, sustainability or economic development. Each community has their own unique vision,” said Tami Gunderzik, Xcel Energy program manager of Partners in Energy. “We want communities driving this and we’re here to guide and offer tools that meet their individual needs.”

Here are 5 questions Tami answered for us about Partners in Energy:

#1 How does Partners in Energy really work?
Once a city or municipality is selected, here’s what to expect:

  • First, form an energy action planning team within the community
  • Second, the planning team will develop an energy action plan based on local needs and goals.
  • Next, the team executes the strategy and tactics identified in the plan to reach their goals..
  • Finally, measure achievements and recognize successes.

#2 What is the community’s role?
These energy plans are designed and owned by the community. Every community is different and has a unique vision and resources that they are responsible for incorporating into their plan. We provide tools and resources to help, but it is truly the community with the ultimate responsibility for success.

#3 Is there a cost?
There is no cost to participate. Xcel Energy provides communities with tools, resources and knowledge and the community decides how much they want invest. The plan provides a targeted approach to guide them with future spending and resource allocation.

#4 What do communities actually get for their involvement?
Xcel Energy provides a Partners in Energy facilitation team that supports the community with facilitation of plan development with workshops and plan documentation. The same team supports the community as the plan is put into action. We frequently provide marketing support with collateral and hand-outs, coordination of outreach events, educational resources, program development support and incentives for reaching community goals.

#5 How are other communities using this?
We’ve seen early adopters and tactics vary greatly between communities to meet their goals. Examples include small business challenges, home energy parties, targeting business segments for energy-efficiency improvements and renewable energy promotions.

How to become a Partners in Energy community

If your community would like to take advantage of the Partners in Energy opportunity, visit their website or contact them to learn more. Apply today and contact Xcel Energy with questions at partnersinenergy@xcelenergy.com or call 800-369-4362.You can also check out a great infographic about the program.

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