CERTs 20th Anniversary


Tired of bingo that’s full of boring numbers? Wish you had a fun side quest during your next CERTs meeting or event? Do we have the solution for you! 


The totally CERTsy version of bingo.

Our CERT-o is in a league of its own. Since we love to talk about clean energy and all the technology, actions, and confusing acronyms that come along with it, we decided to make a game of it in honor of our 20th anniversary

“How can I play CERT-o?” you may be wondering. Sit tight and we’ll walk you through it!

Two ways to play! IN PERSON  or ONLINE! 

Playing online is easy:

  1.  Visit https://bingobaker.com#642ddb3b04590f13
  2.  Click “generate card”
  3.  Next time you’re attending a CERTs event or webinar, have your CERT-o card open and simply mark off a square when you hear the someone mention the words and acronyms in it. 

Playing in person:

  1.  We’ll have printed cards at the events we host in 2023.
  2.  Mark the squares as you hear the words in them mentioned!  

“But what if I WIN?!”

Winning CERT-o includes a completed row, column, or diagonal, four corners, and postage stamp. The CERTs logo is a FREE space!

If you get the coveted CERT-o on your board, please don’t yell CERT-o during a presentation (wink).

In person: Bring the card to the registration table and you will get to choose something from our CERTs swag collection! 

Online: Send an email to [email protected], put CERT-o in the subject line, and you will be entered into a big drawing that will happen in December 2023 for an ultimate CERTs-errific swag bag!

Share the love! Feel free to snap a pic of you and your card and tweet it at us with #CERTo.