Alexis Troschinetz

CERTs bids farewell to Alexis Troschinetz

Aw heck, the CERTs folks are saying goodbye to our stellar Behavioral Science and Evaluation Manager, Alexis Troschinetz.

Alexis has been with CERTs since 2012, and plans to use this transition as an opportunity to see where her life’s journey takes her next. Fun fact, she is a thru-hiker of the Appalachian Trail! Maybe a full-time desk job wasn't such a great fit...

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Alexis’s influence within CERTs has been vast and plentiful. Over the years she has infused behavior change science into CERTs programming (it turns out it’s not brainwashing or a cult!) She has led multiple trainings on the topic in Minnesota, and even presented at the national Behavior, Energy and Climate Change conference.

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Alexis fostered strong relationships with utility representatives and community partners across the state as CERTs has helped with business and manufactured home park energy blitzes, to name just two examples. Once the projects were completed, Alexis conducted amazing evaluation work of the quantitative and qualitative results. She has presented at the American Evaluation Association and Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education conferences and authored four peer-reviewed journal articles. 

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On a more personal note, we’re going to miss Alexis’s sense of humor, her attention to detail, and her willingness to pitch in and help out in nearly every situation. Her kindness and inclusivity are legendary, and she has undoubtedly made our niche industry more welcoming and approachable. She’s left her mark on our work and our hearts!

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  • 43 quarterly reports to track CERTs activities under our core funding.
  • 11 annual reports.
  • 8 manufactured home park energy efficiency blitzes, serving 717 households.
  • 56 small business energy efficiency blitzes, reaching 3,700 businesses.
  • 4 Behavior, Energy and Climate Change conferences.
  • 7 CERTified campaigns: Make a Splash, Family Energy Faceoff, Recycle Your Holidays, Gobbling Up Savings, Light Up Your Station and Save, Milk the Savings, Saving Watts and Drops
  • 282 CERTs Seed Grant projects' metrics calculated.
  • 260 surveys for staff effort tracking, events, cohorts, GreenStep Cities and Tribal Nations, and seed grants.

Alexis notes that she did every effort with amazing teammates.

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