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CEA bannerCommunity Energy Ambassadors know how to connect communities to the clean energy resources that fit their needs.

We provide resources and tools you can use as you help others better understand clean energy opportunities available to them. 

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Engagement Efforts

We want to know how you're using these tools and who you're engaging with across Minnesota.

For Residents

Resources to share with individuals in your community about clean energy projects and incentives.

Your guide to clean energy rebates and tax credits

Clean Energy Rebates and Tax Credits Handout

Half-sheet flyer for you to print and direct people to our Guide to Tax Credits and Rebates. 

Clean Energy Rebates for Residents

Clean Energy Rebates

What we know about HOMES, HEAR, state, and local rebates for residents. Info about calculating Area Median Income and scheduling home energy audits.

Clean Energy Tax Credits for Residents

Clean Energy Tax Credits

Federal tax credits available to individuals thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act. 

Solar + storage incentives for residents

Solar Energy + Energy Storage Incentives

Tax credits and state incentives to help individuals pay for solar energy and energy storage. 

Electric vehicle incentives for residents

Electric Vehicle Incentives

Federal and state incentives for individuals who purchase a new or used EV, plus local utility programs for charging your EV, and e-Bike rebates. 

For Businesses and Farms

Resources to help businesses in your community understand ways they can pay for their clean energy projects.

Energy Efficiency Incentives for Businesses and Farms

Energy Efficiency Incentives

An overview of REAP funding and the 179D tax deduction, with helpful examples.

Solar energy and storage incentives for businesses

Solar + Energy Storage

An overview of changes to the Investment Tax Credit and Production Tax Credit, as well as transferability, REAP funding, and new programs from the state.

For Nonprofit Organizations

Resources to support tax-exempt entities in your community as they consider clean energy opportunities. 

Clean Energy Incentives for nonprofits

Clean Energy Incentives for Nonprofits

An explanation of how direct (elective) pay works, including examples and QR codes for more information.

Clean energy for nonprofits slide

Clean Energy for Nonprofits

Recording of a January 2024 webinar for nonprofits featuring info on direct pay, PACE funding, and the Inflation Reduction Act.

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