Designing a Clean Energy Future: A Resource Manual

To assist the local Clean Energy Resource Teams, a resource manual was developed to help identify options for communities interested in developing their energy resources. The manual contains an overview of nearly every renewable and clean energy source available, an extensive listing of resources, and nearly 30 case studies of renewable/clean energy projects.


  1. Table of Contents and Introduction
  2. Creating a Community Energy Vision
  3. Improving Energy Efficiency
  4. Wind
  5. Hydroelectric
  6. Biomass
  7. Biogas Digesters
  8. Biofuels
  9. Solar Energy
  10. Combined Heat and Power / District Energy
  11. Fuel Cells and Microturbines
  12. Developing a Project
  13. Towns of Tommorrow – A Vision for the Future
  14. Appendix: Cost Comparison of Energy Technologies and Financial Assistance Programs for Renewable Energy Projects


CERTs Manual