Efficient pre-rinse spray valves and aerators: The perfect stocking stuffer for water and energy savings?

Pre-Rinse Spray Valves – The EPA loves ‘em, CERTs loves ‘em, and you can too with our Water Saving Bulk Buy Program!

Since we are so excited about pre-rinse spray valves over here at CERTs, we couldn’t help but notice and then want to share with everyone a brand new report released from EPA, Water Sense at Work: Best Practices for Commercial and Institutional Facilities, that specifically calls out pre-rinse spray valves as a key water and energy saving retrofit. We are happy to report that all fixtures being offered in CERTs’ Water-Saving Bulk Buy Program meet the retrofit recommendations in the EPA report.

If you have already participated in our program and/or already have high-efficiency fixtures installed, you will benefit from the operation, maintenance, and user education information provided in each section of the EPA report. The pre-rinse spray valve section and other sections also provide detailed guidance for determining how much water a facility could save by implementing one or more of the recommended practices. Here at CERTs, we’ve already done those calculations for you—$400 in energy and water savings over a year by installing a single pre-rinse spray valve.

All facilities will benefit from the first two sections of the EPA report, which covers water management planning and water use monitoring and evaluation. The EPA report then offers six additional sections that focuses on specific equipment and systems used at commercial and institutional facilities, including:

  • Sanitary Fixtures and Equipment
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment
  • Outdoor Water Use
  • Mechanical Systems
  • Laboratory and Medical Equipment
  • Onsite Alternative Water Sources


Enjoy the EPA report and participate in our Water Saving Bulk Buy Program today!

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