Electric vehicle charging network expanding along Interstate 94

This is an excerpt from a recent article by Al Edenloff in the Alexandria Echo Press.

Imagine zipping down the road in your new electric car but with one nagging question: Is there a charging station nearby? Soon you won’t have to worry as much. The Interstate 94 corridor from Detroit, Mich., to the Minnesota/North Dakota state line is one of 55 routes the Federal Highway Administration has designated nationally to promote alternative fuels and help drivers find vehicle charging stations nationwide.

Spanning 35 states and covering 85,000 miles, the new network was created under the Fixing America’s Surface Transportation Act. The alternative fuel corridors designation will be used to promote electric, hydrogen, propane and natural gas vehicles by encouraging development of fueling and charging stations along these routes.

“This announcement is well timed, just as truly mass market EVs like the Chevy Bolt are entering the market, allowing 200 plus miles of driving on a single charge,” noted Brendan Jordan, Vice President at Great Plains Institute. “EV charging corridors will help transform EVs from a niche product to just being a regular car that you can drive anywhere, including longer trips”.

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