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Primary Duties

Responsible for energy data analysis, energy procurement, energy conservation, renewable energy and alternative fuel, utility franchise management, energy budgeting and accounting, emissions reduction, developing energy policies and procedures, and representing the City on energy issues.

  • Maintain Energy Cap database for tracking energy costs and consumption (electricity, natural gas, propane, steam, chilled water, and motor fuels)
  • Develop a benchmarking strategy which will aide in the identification of cost and consumption reduction opportunities.
  • Manage energy improvement related projects.
  • Periodic review for accuracy of energy bills.
  • Provide periodic reports on the status of energy and cost and consumption management.
  • Analyze trends in consumption and ensure management of peak demand.
  • Periodic review and assurance of optimal energy rate by meter.
  • Monitor and report trends in the energy supply market.
  • Administer energy purchasing agreements.
  • Manage the request for proposals process for energy supply.
  • Identify energy conservation targets from energy cap database analysis. 
  • Review facility and systems designs for maximum energy efficiency and ordinance compliance.
  • Manage commissioning and retro commissioning efforts.
  • Pursue rebates, grants, incentives for efficiency upgrades.
  • Prioritize energy projects from a capital perspective and justify funding.
  • Assist in the development, review and implementation of renewable energy alternatives and develop recommendations for alternative energy programs.
  • Pursue funding for the evaluation and implementation of renewable energy projects.
  • Specify and install renewable energy production on City owned facilities.
  • Management negotiation and implantation of the utility franchise agreements.
  • Assist in budgeting energy cost and consumption.
  • Approve energy invoices as required.
  • Utilize energy database to support the budget process.
  • Analyze utility rate models to identify cost saving opportunities.  
  • Develop strategies for emissions reduction for municipal operations.
  • Manage the energy performance reporting of municipal operations for the cities benchmarking ordinance.
  • Develop and recommend policies and implement procedures related to energy conservation, reduction, and renewable energy.
  • Assist in the development of Public Ordinances related to energy conservation, emissions reduction, and renewable energy.
  • Support the cities sustainability, energy and environmental initiatives as requested.  
  • Periodically  attend meetings and provide reports to the Citizens Environmental Advisory Committee.
  • Represent the City in meetings with State and Local Governmental Officials 
  • Assist sustainability in assessing and responding to tariff dockets filed at the Public Utilities Commission.
  • Participate in various community awareness meetings for energy cost and consumption.
  • Participate on community task forces including schools, County, and regional organization on energy related matters.
  • Manage facilities energy improvement projects as assigned. 
  • Support Property Services Facilities Operations and Maintenance group as assigned 
  • Required Education: Four Year Degree in Energy Management, Engineering, Facilities Management, or closely related field
  • Required Experience:  Five years of experience performing related duties.
  • Licenses/Certifications:  Certified Energy Manager within 12 months of hire. 
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