Turkeys on the energy-efficient Zimmerman farm in Northfield

Farm Connections: Learning about energy efficiency on turkey farms and conservation opportunities

On some level, everyone is connected to agriculture. That simple fact is at the heart of KSMQ’s local series, Farm Connections, now in its fifth season. Joel Haskard and Fritz Ebinger with the Clean Energy Resource Teams joined Farm Connections host Dan Hoffman and other guests to highlight energy efficiency innovations and opportunities on Minnesota farms.

The episode begins on the Northfield, MN farm of John Zimmerman and his family. The Zimmermans primarily raise turkeys, and John is the president of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association. John, Dan, and Joel discuss energy-saving steps that have been taken on the Zimmerman farm and how those changes are helping to reduce the impact of energy costs on their bottom line.

After that, Shannon Jerabek with McLeod Cooperative Power Association and Fritz Ebinger with The Minnesota Project talk about a new farm energy auditor program and the benefits and opportunities for Minnesota farms that want to better understand their energy use and how they can save energy and money with improvements to their equipment and operations.

You can click here to watch the episode or see the embedded video below.