Hi-Lo Supper Club & Catering

Hi-Lo Supper Club & Catering uses PACE to save on energy costs

Sid and Nadine Malchow own the Hi-Lo Supper Club & Catering in Lakefield, MN, and have been an important thread in their community’s fabric over the years. In fact, the Hi-Lo Restaurant & Catering has been proudly serving Southwest Minnesota and Northern Iowa with fine dining for over 65 years, and the Malchows have been providing catering services for over 25 years.

Now, thanks to Property Accessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing, they were able to make lots of improvements to their establishment. Among other things, they upgraded their lighting on their exterior, the main floor and the basement, installed efficient air conditioning and fan motors, and upgraded the furnaces in the main dining room and food preparation area.

PACE allowed this business to make several energy saving improvements,” notes Robin Weis, Economic Development Director with the Southwest Regional Development Commission. “The LED lighting portion was most exciting for me as they used a lighting specialist who assisted them in making sure the lighting would be just right in the various locations in the building.”

The next time you are traveling through Lakefield, stop in at the Hi-Lo for a bite to eat!

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Project Snapshot:

  • Location: Hi-Lo Supper Club & Catering, Lakefield, MN – Jackson County
  • Description: Exterior and interior lighting, air conditioning, furnaces
  • Useful Life:
    • 15 years for exterior and main floor lighting, air conditioning
    • 18 years for basement lighting
    • 20 years for fan motors
    • 25 years for furnaces
  • PACE Loan Term: 10 years
  • Project Costs: $28,580
  • Savings Per Year: $4,453 for equipment life

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) is a new way to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy upgrades to the buildings of commercial property owners.

Energy-saving measures pursued by the owners receive project financing and are repaid as a separate item on their property tax assessment for a set period. PACE eliminates the burden of upfront costs by providing low-cost, long-term financing.

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