Mn State Fair!

Home Energy exhibit to showcase renewable energy at State Fair

Renewable energy will be prominently featured at this year’s Home Energy exhibit at the 2013 Minnesota State Fair, with several displays dedicated to solar and wind energy. The Home Energy exhibit, located in the Eco Experience at the north end of the fairgrounds, is intended to educate fairgoers about a wide range of energy conservation and energy efficiency measures and renewable energy opportunities.

The exhibit’s solar energy area is a partnership with the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society and will include four new displays:

  • A Solar Electricity display that demonstrates the benefits of generating solar energy for electricity and how solar photovoltaic panels provide electricity to your house.
  • Solar Water Heating display that highlights the benefits of solar energy to heat water in a home and how the sun heats water, sending it to a storage tank and then into the house.
  • Solar Air Heating display that shows the benefits of solar energy as a supplemental heat source and how the panels collect air heated by the sun and distributes it into the house.
  • Solar Clothesline Dryer that features articles of clothing (tee-shirts, socks, pants, etc.) air drying outdoors (and saving energy), with printed facts about solar power.

The wind energy area is a partnership with Windustry and will showcase at least two new displays:

  • Wind Frequently-Asked-Questions display that gives fairgoers a glimpse into the world of wind power, with FAQs covering information about commercial and small wind power in Minnesota.
  • Wind Fan display that provides a chance to see and feel the power of wind in Minnesota. A map shows where the best wind resources are in Minnesota and how wind turbines can capture energy to generate electricity.

The Home Energy exhibit is a joint effort of the Minnesota Department of Commerce, Division of Energy Resources (DER) and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The State Fair runs from Aug. 22-Sept. 2 in St. Paul.

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