Brad enjoys making trips around the metro in his Mitsubishi MiEV!

Interview: Electric vehicle owner Brad Benn of Edina drives smart, likes the torque

More and more electric vehicles (EVs) are entering the national marketplace and hitting Minnesota roads. CERTs is doing a series of interviews with EV drivers to learn about their experiences.

Meet Brad: Brad Benn of Edina makes a lot of Metro area trips and always thought it would be a good idea to drive electric. He originally thought it seemed too expensive, but a big sale came up on a 2012 Mitsubishi MiEV with a large rebate and he took advantage of it.

Joel Haskard: Why do you drive an EV?

Brad Benn: I make a lot of Metro Area trips and always thought it would be a good idea. They seemed to be too expensive but a big sale came up with a large rebate and I took advantage of it.

Joel: What do your friends and family think?

Brad: They think it is very forward thinking (after first thinking it might be my new toy). My daughter uses it to go to work when we travel and leave it with her.

Joel: What has been your driving experience so far?

Brad: It drives like any other car but I like the smooth flow of power with no shifting and the excellent torque that can move me into the flow of traffic. I was concerned that winter might be a problem but, except for shorter range, it is fine and handles well in snow.

Joel: What is your typical charging routine, and who is your utility?

Brad: I plug it in at home when it gets below three fourths charge from very local driving or after a longer trip… About every other day. I charged it on 120V for the first several months which was adequate but I had to plan use more carefully. I had the cord modified to work on 240V and added an outlet for that in the garage. Now it is rare that it is not full and ready to go. I can still use 120V. Xcel Energy is my electric utility.

Joel: Have you changed your driving routine any?

Brad: I am more aware of distance to go and plan trips. I am more aware of driving efficiently.

Joel: What would you say to anyone interested in purchasing an EV?

Brad: Do it!

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