Community Energy Ambassadors

Introducing the Community Energy Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors Program is Evolving

The Inflation Reduction Act Ambassadors are getting a new name with a new scope and new options just in time for Earth Day!

The Community Energy Ambassadors program engages Minnesotans to support clean energy projects within their communities.

Interested in supporting your community?

We're going beyond the IRA to all things clean energy.

While we still offer resources like our Guide to the Inflation Reduction Act we expanded the range of topics our ambassadors can learn about so they can be well-informed as they support their communities with clean energy engagement.

We developed two paths for participation — self-directed and cohort-based — each abundant in trainings, resources, and opportunities for connecting! 

We're excited to share more in the weeks ahead as we create new resources for current and prospective ambassadors including:

  • Updated videos about rebates and tax credits for residents, businesses, and nonprofits. 
  • Community-relevant resources to engage your community in their preferred language. 
  • Online webinars that will provide a baseline understanding of various clean energy topics. 
  • A pathway to official ambassador status with tools to track your progress.
  • A self-defined project to deepen your understanding of a clean energy topic and support your community's needs.
  • Events to connect you with people who share your excitement about clean energy and community engagement!

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Throughout the summer we'll release new opportunities, resources, and the latest news about rebates and clean energy opportunities.

For now, explore our new program, sign up for trainings, check out the new videos, and let us know what you think! We'll see you at an upcoming Community Energy Ambassador networking event in your region!

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